How The 'Once In A Lifetime' Jupiter Neptune Conjunction On April 12, 2022 Brings Luck To Each Zodiac Sign

How lucky will you be?

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The once-in-a-lifetime lucky transit event known as the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces is coming, and folks, this is going to be not only memorable but lucky! As per each sign of the zodiac, so goes it with each Solar House, and as we go down the line, we will uncover exactly what it is that will make each sign experience their own version of luck.

On April 12, we will be hosting an event that only happens every 12 years, and what we will all be experiencing some luck during the Jupiter Neptune conjunction is practically quantum physics, in so much as there will be a definite feeling of interconnectivity; as if suddenly we wake up and it either all makes sense, or, we feel like we are a part of it all — a working, playing, piece of the pie.


We are important, and what we do affects the world at large, and at small.

However, this transit falls in Pisces, which makes it a super transit, and this one only happens once in something like 166 years. 

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We have Jupiter leading the pack and placing us in its thrall with feelings of hope and serious self-belief. Placed with the planet Neptune, which is the planet that amps up our ability to fantasize and dream big, these two mega transits, in conjunction, create an atmosphere where we feel that almost anything is possible.

What makes for an interesting take on it all, is that this conjunction falls under Pisces, which means that we will take all this optimistic energy and feel good about it; there is nothing here to cause us doubt, and should we decide that we have found the key to the universe, then we may very well be on the right track.

Happiness and good fortune is what we will all be experiencing here, during this wondrous celestial event, and this could affect us creatively, romantically, in health, in wisdom, and in prosperity.

In other words, get out of that bed and go get yourself a piece of this pie, because every bite of it is going to be outstanding!




How the once in a lifetime Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces affects each zodiac sign starting April 12, 2022:

Depending on where Pisces falls in each zodiac sign's chart, the luck brought by this astrological event will impact a specific area of your life. 


(March 21 - April 19)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 12th Solar House which affects your unconsious state, like dreams, secrets and emotions. 


Let's do the numbers here — Solar House number 12, a transit that happens only once in 12 years (even though this one happens once in 166 years!) and it all starts for Aries on April 12. Looks like number 12 is working its magic on you, Aries.

This is when you don't back down. If you've had trouble in the recent past, this is the time when all of it — and I mean all of it — starts to make sense. You are now able to shake off the dusty past and embrace all the greatness that you've always known you've been a part of. Grab it all, Aries. Life is superb!

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(April 20 - May 20)


Where Pisces is in your chart: 11th Solar House which affects your friendships, support system and innovative ideas.

Lucky number 11 has you feeling better than good, it's got you in the zone of success. The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction is about to turn your world around, friend. You'll be seeing an instant turn in your health and relationships with others, and that's because you put the effort in.

This transit takes your efforts and spins them into gold, which means you are in touch with supreme manifestation skills. What you put your mind to not only is achievable, it's beneficial to the rest of us.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 10th Solar House which affects your social status and career achievements. 

There's a healing transformative energy that is taking over your wonderful 10th House, and you feel it in your bones. This is when you get your big ideas, Gemini, and we all know you dream big.

The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction knocks the scales off your eyes so that you can see what you've let stand in your way; there's no more time left in your life for dawdling around — you need firm, resolute direction and this is just the transit to kick you in the pants and cause you to take action.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 9th Solar House which affects travel, philosophy and higher education. 

You're looking at incredible intuitive ability during this time, Cancer. The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction works on your sense of self-trust, and that means that if you get a 'feeling' about something — you're on the right track about it. You'll be able to tell what is a clear sign and what is false hope.

This transit will put you in a state of empathy as well, so you will be able to clearly identify with the feelings of others. Kindness rules during this time and everyone around you is committed to helping you see your dreams through to manifestation.


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(July 23 - August 22)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 8th Solar House which affects inner transformation and intimacy. 

The sun is shining hard for Leo, during the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction, as all of your hopes and dreams seem both possible and probable. You've always believed in yourself, but during this transit, your self-belief broadens into a sort of self-respect that keeps you on the right track. You want to do good during this time, and you will.

Your 8th Solar position places you in the good graces of those around you, where it will feel as though all you can do is good. You have always been the star of the Zodiac, and Jupiter Neptune Conjunction will make that status known far and wide.


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(August 23 - September 22)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 7th Solar House which affects your partnerships and balance.  

It is time to shake off the dreaded and dusty past and make room for all of those outstanding Virgo dreams to get online, ready for the manifestation process. Oh, how you will wake up during Jupiter Neptune Conjunction.

It's as if you open your eyes for the first time only to discover that you are the most important person in your world. Yes, Virgo, it's you, and it's been you all along; you've given away too much of yourself. Let this glorious transit sweep you up in your own self-love.


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(September 23 - October 22)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 6th Solar House which affects your health, routines and career. 

The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction would feel amazing for you without it being in Pisces, but because it IS in Pisces, you will not be able to feel anything other than nonstop bliss and optimism. That Jupiter energy is just way too good to be true, but guess what? It's totally true and absolutely supportive of you and your mindset.

You want to accomplish so many things, and this is the transit where you start to feel as though your part in this world is to enjoy it all, without fear. Fearlessness, Libra — it's what you've wanted and now, it's what you have.


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(October 23 - November 21)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 5th Solar House which affects pleasure, romance and creativity.

Your sign will feel as though you've been set on fire, in all the right ways, during the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction. Spiritually, you are on your way to a better place. This means that because you are in the 5th Solar House, you will be in tune with intuition, magic, psychic wisdom, and spiritual healing.

You now believe — in yourself, as well as in the best in people. Oh, how you've waited for this day to come. Stay with it, Scorpio. You are a magnificent beast, filled with love and the ability to give love. Make the most of it.


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(November 22 - December 21)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 4th Solar House which affects your family, home and heritage. 

As a Sagittarius, you know all too well how Jupiter energy tends to expand upon feelings, and sometimes those feelings can be negative. Thankfully, for you, your inner world will be unencumbered by negative thoughts, and what's even better is that you'll start to become so creatively inspired that you'll more than likely create something so incredible that others will just stand there, gawking at your talent.

The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction stimulates your desire for knowledge and prompts you to become an even better person than you already are.


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(December 22 - January 19)

Where Pisces is in your chart: 3rd Solar House affects your communication with family, friends and work colleagues. 


Now, this is one transit you really won't have any problem accepting, Capricorn. It's free and it's coming your way, and what it — Jupiter Neptune Conjunction — brings is both peace of mind and an easy way of going about things.

You, in your Capricorn way, have made life harder for yourself...until now, when this transit allows you to recognize that it's been you at the center of your problems, not the world 'out there.' Knowing that taking responsibility makes things seem suddenly easier for you may start to become your new way of life. Why carry around the burdens of ignorance, when wisdom is so easily available to you now? Go for it.

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(January 20 - February 18)


Where Pisces is in your chart: 2nd Solar House which affects values, finances and self-worth. 

For the Aquarian, this transit represents the ability to stay the course, as you prefer it. That means that whatever it is that you love doing — it's OK. And not only that, because Jupiter Neptune Conjunction boosts our sense of confidence in ways never before experienced, you will take that love and make something special and exciting out of it.

If you are a creative person, know this: You're only just starting now. This amazing journey is boundless. How lucky for you!

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(February 19 - March 10)


Where Pisces is in your chart: 1st Solar House which affects your self identity, attraction, and how you present yourself to others. 

Lucky number ONE. Oh Pisces, you are in for the big one, and by that, we mean that this transit is going to act like a magic wand; wave it the right way and watch your dreams come true. This covers love, finance, health, work, and the home. Especially the home, yes.

The cold Winter is a story of the past, and with Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in play, all that lies ahead for you is a promise. What you want will come to be. You are the great magician now, and thankfully, you will be using that incredible magic of yours for the benefit of everyone in your life. (Including yourself!)

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