If You Know Things Before They Happen, You Have This Magical Brain Quirk

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You know a friend's about to call seconds before the phone rings. You have a hunch you're about to see someone, and when you turn the corner, there they are.

While these so-called "coincidences" happen all the time, I've never bought into the mystical explanations offered online. I prefer concrete answers. It was that curiosity that led me down a research rabbit hole where I discovered something far more fascinating than theories about psychic links or karmic ties.

It seems we're just beginning to understand the how's and why's behind psychic events, and the answers aren't as out there as you might expect. It's weird science at work.

So if you've ever felt oddly connected to someone or have a knack for knowing things before they come to light, prepare to feel validated.

In the world of quantum physics, there's a phenomenon called quantum entanglement.

Entanglement is when two separate particles bond so strongly that what happens to one affects the other, even if they become separated by thousands of miles. Humans are also made up of tiny subatomic particles, leading some scientists to believe our own particles may get "entangled" with other people's when we fall in love or form a strong bond.

Albert Einstein dubbed this "spooky action at a distance," and it could be why we have inexplicable "knowings" or stay emotionally connected to people after years apart.

Dean Radin, author of "Entangled Minds" and Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, says early discoveries about entanglement offer legitimacy to psychic experiences.

"No longer are psi [psychic] experiences regarded as rare human talents, divine gifts, or 'powers' that magically transcend ordinary physical boundaries," says Radin. "Instead, psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality."

In other words, this paranormal activity is actually a natural phenomenon of physics.

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Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and author, agreed with Radin during a 2008 Google Tech Talk, stating entanglement between humans is undeniably possible. He even equates the connection with animals. Perhaps this is why dogs can sense exactly when their humans are coming home despite distance or erratic schedules.

There have also been significant studies about the power of thought. Select researchers insist the thoughts of one person can affect or influence another if both people share a strong bond (i.e., entanglement).

Peter Baksa, author and investigative journalist, puts it this way: because the human body has an electric field and thoughts are energy formed in that electric field, our minds are essentially transceivers. They can send and receive signals to others by way of the electronic frequencies of our thoughts.

Based on the properties of entanglement, our brainwaves may literally affect physical reality.

This may be why we can feel someone thinking of us or "know" they're about to contact us. We're simply picking up on the thought energy they're transmitting our way.

As researchers continue to unlock the mysteries of entanglement, many are already connecting the dots between this strange phenomenon and everyday coincidences. It's fascinating to think psychic experiences might actually be byproducts of connections between subatomic particles, or that the brain is picking up on thought energy like radio waves.

If you're wondering if you're entangled with someone else, here are five signs research suggests are plausible through cause and effect.

1. You get overwhelmed by strong emotions with no apparent source.

One minute everything is going right, the next you feel guilty, depressed, or anxious for no reason.

The feeling persists, growing stronger, and suddenly, a friend who wronged you tracks you down to make amends. Or maybe you get butterflies and feel uplifted shortly before learning good news about a family member.

If quantum entanglement between people is possible, you may be tapping into a loved one's emotions. Think of it as a direct hotline into another person's mood.

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2. You can't stop thinking about someone.

Out of nowhere, someone you know is taking up all your headspace. They pop up when you're trying to fall asleep or watching a movie, and you have no idea why. It doesn't feel like a crush, but it's something.

It's so strong, you can almost feel a tugging in your chest. You wonder what to do. Call them? Send a message?

A possible explanation is this person is focusing intense thought energy on you, and you're receiving the signal loud and clear.

3. You have foretelling dreams.

Never in a million years would you suspect your partner of cheating, but you can't stop dreaming about it. A few weeks later, you're shocked to catch them in the act. Some argue this is the subconscious picking up on subtle clues, though entanglement may be the source.

If you're dreaming of vivid, lifelike scenarios or they involve deep emotions regarding someone you know, it's worth your time to examine. It could be that your brain is using dreams to play out energy it's detecting or the emotions of someone you're unknowingly entangled with.

4. You "know" without knowing.

You're about to text a friend and the second your hand touches the phone, they text you first. You sense that important email you've been waiting for all week is finally in your inbox and bam! — one new message.

If this type of thing is normal for you, pay attention to the person or people these occurrences involve most often.

This "sixth sense" may indicate sensitivity to thought energy from a particular source or be the result of entanglement. Start looking for patterns; you may be surprised by what you find.

5. You think it, they say it.

Is there someone you notice uncanny coincidences with? Maybe they have a habit of posting reviews for the exact book you're reading or bringing up an oddball film you just watched and didn’t tell anyone about.

Time and time again, that person echoes the very feelings and reflections you keep private as if you're different sides of the same coin. It could be a case of kindred spirits, but some would suggest the incessant mirroring could be evidence of a deep entanglement you didn’t know you had.

Chances are, this person is someone you've been extremely close with either in the past or present.

No doubt the field of quantum physics will continue to unveil more truths that are stranger than fiction as time goes on. Meanwhile, the rest of us will live out these fascinating truths for ourselves and perhaps be more mindful of the signals we're sending out.

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Carrie Manner is a freelance writer from Northern MN. In addition to writing for One Love Foundation and local newspapers, she blogs, copywrites, and writes fiction. Connect with her on Twitter.