How You Get Through A Breakup, Based On Your Moon Sign

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In astrology, the moon rules our deepest emotions, which often come to light after a breakup. Looking to your moon sign can help you get insight into why breakups affect you the way they do and help you get through the recovery process. 

How you get through a breakup, based on your moon sign



Aries moon

Aries can be a baby and they would much rather dump than be dumped. They don’t like losing in anything, and this includes breakups. They can have a fiery temper and immediately seek out someone else, although they often regret it.

While they may be hurt if they have been broken up with, they won’t show it to the world. And while they may be upset on an inner level, they will act as though it’s no big deal and appear to be moving on as quickly as they can due to their competitive nature. Being highly competitive, they usually find a new partner faster than their partner will, even if it is a rebound situation.

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Taurus moon

A breakup can affect the Taurus moon in a major way, and being a fixed sign, it can take them a while to recover and they will feel the loss deeply. While trying to recover, they may overindulge on many different levels.

Since loyalty is important to a Taurus moon, they will be even more hurt if their partner has been disloyal. Once the decision has been made, however, they don’t look back and try and focus on other things they enjoy until they can find peace within themselves.

Gemini moon

The Gemini moon can be quite upset by a breakup but their biggest way of coping is moving on and meeting someone else. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they will talk with a lot of friends and surround themselves with people they know and care about. While they are upset and recovering, they are often reaching out to connect with others and meeting someone else as a way of dealing with the pain.

Cancer moon

Cancer moon will feel the pain of a breakup deeply and they are often hurt and wounded to the core. When Cancer falls in love, they tend to view their partner as long-term and they give a great deal of themselves to the relationship. It can often take a Cancer moon a great deal of time to recover and they may over drink, overeat or withdraw completely for a while.

While they are recovering they may vilify their partner to ease the pain or refuse any more contact. It can take them months or years to recover in some cases, but eventually, they do — and gain inner strength as a result.

Leo moon

The Leo moon lives for love, but when the relationship starts to spiral downward they often do the dumping before the other person can, thus saving their pride. While Leo moon feels the pain of a breakup, they won’t show it outwardly and frequently start going out more, enjoying themselves to a greater degree and others may not be able to tell they have broken up. While they may talk about the breakup to some, they typically tend to embrace an exuberant and fun lifestyle even more so than before to deal with the pain.

Virgo moon

Since Virgo is the most analytical of signs, their way of coping with a breakup is to analyze and critique the relationship until they figure out what went wrong and when. Since Virgo is always seeking their own brand of perfection, they can be deeply disturbed when their relationship does not live up to their ideals. Virgo is a warm sign, and when a Virgo moon loves, they do give their all and they are aware of it. To deal with the loss, they will look at the minutia of the relationship until they believe they have gotten to what the root of the problem really was. They will especially critique their partner and after a certain period of time they will simply move on.



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Libra moon

Libra is governed by Venus, the planet of love — and they are all about relationships. Until a Libra moon actually knows exactly what they want, they prefer to keep their options open (although they may not always say this). They do not like ugly endings or conflict and will do everything in their power to ensure the relationship ends amicably.

While they may have been in love, as an air sign, they will not constantly dwell on the breakup but rather look at it from a detached manner and try to just move on. If they initiate the breakup, they may approach it more as ‘taking a break.’

Scorpio moon

Scorpio moons feel deeply and are keen on loyalty — even more so when it comes to their partner. Since they are a fixed sign, they have difficulty letting go and they usually feel dumped, whether they did the breaking up or not.

A breakup can bring on the Scorpio moon’s innate control issues and they can obsess for a long time over their loss. Less evolved Scorpios can seek revenge if they believe their lover was disloyal or they may keep tabs on an ex using social media by creating fake accounts and the like until they are able to move on.

Sagittarius moon

The Sagittarius moon is always seeking a new thrill, and if they initiate the breakup, they will not spend a lot of time in mourning but rather seek out their next partner. If they initiate a breakup, they are straightforward and to the point — sometimes being too honest and causing even more hurt feelings in their partner.

Sagittarius has to roam, and this more than anything else can cause a breakup with this moon sign. Personal freedom is the most important thing to Sag, as is self will and determination. While they may be hurt, they will not be single for long.

Capricorn moon

Capricorn is ruled by taskmaster Saturn so most of them are well acquainted with hardship and accept it as a fact of life. When a relationship is no longer working someone, a Capricorn moon will be the first to accept it and begin the process of moving on. They are good at cutting the cord if they are convinced the relationship is not viable. While they can feel hurt like any other moon sign, their earth sensibilities sustain them along with facing the reality they must move on. So they do, which is why they are sometimes perceived by others as being cold.

Aquarius moon

When an Aquarius moon ends a relationship, they often try and do it in a detached way and become very aloof as a result. Rather than creating or being involved in an ugly scene they may simply put their partner in the friend zone and try to move on without actually breaking up. While an Aquarius moon can certainly feel the pain of a breakup, they try and do it in a detached way, which is how they cope. They often try and keep exes as friends.

Pisces moon

When a Pisces moon falls in love, they give all they have — often to the point of sacrificing too much. A Pisces moon has very deep feelings, much like the ocean their planetary ruler represents. They can feel deep pain over loss, so their way of handling it is often vague and unclear. They often prefer to just drift away rather than have a hard ending, and can spend years regretting or pining for an ex. Since their intuition is so strong, an enlightened Pisces will often let it guide them through turbulent waters.

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