8 Ways Astrology Warns You You're About To Break Up

There are certain 'breakup transits' in astrology that often coincide with the end of relationships.

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According to astrology, planetary transits can change our direction and bring us new insight depending on the placements in our natal chart. When transits impact the seventh house of relationships, they can bring new connections, love, or breakups.

However, not everyone with these transits will be impacted or have their relationships end. If your partner is not being the supportive companion you desire, these transits will bring more awareness to the situation. For example, what could have seemed perfect on the surface will become subject to analysis and scrutiny with Saturn transits. On the other hand, Neptune transits tend to make things prettier, but once over, we may see the harsh reality and will feel empowered to leave.


Below are some transits that can bring changes to a crumbling relationship. Not all of these transits will bring negatives. In fact, some can even bring a fated connection. Multiple transits must be activated, and the ruler of the seventh must be impacted for drastic things to occur. 

Common 'breakup transits' in astrology

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1. Uranus aspecting the ruler of the 7th house or transiting the 7th house

Uranus likes to shake things up and bring us new perspectives. Two things could happen during this transit: either your relationship gets more exciting or not. Uranus wants us to adapt to the unexpected, and if we don’t want to change or our partner seems reluctant to change their ways, it could push both parties to adapt to the shifts, or the relationship could end.

2. Mars, Saturn, or Pluto square, conjunct, or opposite natal Juno

We tend to forget Juno’s impact on relationships since we can get too focused on Venus. However, Juno is activated when we commit and enter serious relationships, so harsh aspects from Pluto or the malefics can put relationships to the test because we begin to scrutinize our partners and see what they bring to the table.

3. Full Moon transit occurring in the natal 5th house

Full Moons bring a time of closing chapters and will pave the way for some reflection. When the transit happens in the fifth house of romance, it could feel like both parties are drifting away. Love and joy seem to slowly vanish. When a couple wants to make their relationship last, transits occurring in this house teach us how to come closer and communicate to keep the spark alive.

4. Lunar nodes transiting in the natal 7th house

The Lunar Nodes revitalize the energy in the native’s house when activated. Having either the North or South Node transit here can be a rude awakening. Eclipses are catalysts for changes. Although they can bring positive energy, they feel way out of their comfort zone. It is a time of adapting and learning to see what made us fall in love once again.


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5. Transiting Saturn square or conjunct natal Moon

This could feel like a lonely transit since Saturn will have the Moon native withdraw or analyze their feelings privately. It is important to be aware of our emotions during this time and discuss what we feel with our partners so we do not feel alone. Being in a relationship during this time can feel challenging, especially if our partners are not supportive.

6. Transiting Neptune squaring natal Venus

There are positives and negatives tied to this transit. We could fall in love hard because we fail to see what is truly in front of us. Neptune can cloud our minds, and we blindly defend our lover's flaws. However, if we are not misled by Neptune's glamour, we could also learn to see our partner's good qualities and value them for who they are. It could be a meaningful transit if we are practical and do not sugarcoat our experiences. If we fail to see the truth during this transit, once it ends, the harsh reality could be too overwhelming. 

7. Saturn transiting the 2nd house

While this transit could impact finances and could be more career driven, the second house in astrology represents what we value. If we are in a relationship that is not helping us grow, transiting Saturn will force us to make changes or move on. With this transit, we learn how to appreciate and love ourselves, even if it could feel hard to do so. A result of this transit is learning to set boundaries, communicate effectively, and not settle for less.


8. Transiting Pluto square natal Sun

Pluto transits will transform our lives and force us to start fresh whether we want to or not. With this transit comes changes that can impact our relationships. Pluto tests us but we learn to speak up and fight for ourselves. The transit pushes us to walk away from relationships that are no longer helping us grow, feel joy, or love. Like Saturn, we will either learn to grow and strengthen our relationship with ourselves before entering a relationship with others.

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