How To Seduce Someone According To Their Zodiac Sign

We know all the tips and tricks for each type of woman.

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There's a reason that seduction is frequently referred to as an art. Seduction is more than flirting; it's also using eye contact and touch and is about attracting someone to you physically or even emotionally.

If you're not a natural seducer, you may need all the help you can get if there's someone you've got your eye on. Why not let the stars help you with your seduction with clues on how to seduce a particular zodiac sign?


How to seduce each zodiac sign

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When seducing an Aries, don't hold back. Aries lovers are intensely sexual and are practically insatiable. They will want you to be bold and make the first move. Don't be tentative; grab them and kiss them passionately. Also, don't hold back on telling them, in detail, how amazingly hot and irresistible they are and feel free to contradict them. They find verbal debate incredibly arousing.


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When seducing a Taurus, go slow. Most Taureans aren't into casual hook-ups; they want to enjoy the whole process of connecting. Taurus people have a deep appreciation for beauty and love the finer things in life, so be sure to give them presents that are beautiful and expensive. When you finally get a Taurus in the mood for sex, be sure you've got plenty of energy, because every sexual encounter is a marathon, and they don't stop until everybody is completely spent.

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When seducing a Gemini, show off your big brain. Geminis love having knowledge and they get turned on by the demonstration of intellect, so the more you know about a subject, feel free to discuss it at length. Geminis also like adventure and creativity and are very sexual. You may be shy to sext or have phone sex, but your Gemini will probably love it. The more nervy and creative you are, the better.


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When seducing a Cancer, do it old-school. Cancers are very cautious and won't jump into bed with just anyone. If you want a Cancer, you're going to have to entice them out of their shell with pampering and nurturing. Make them dinner at your house with romantic lighting and soft music playing. You're going to need to take the time to get to know them with intimate conversations, small touches, and light kisses if you're going to get anywhere with them.

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When seducing a Leo, stroke their ego. The first rule of trying to seduce a Leo is to not do anything halfway, as it will insult them and they won't have anything to do with you. Focus on them like a laser and be sure to tell them that they're the best at everything. The more effort you put into being with a Leo, the more they'll appreciate it. The bonus is that everything a Leo gets, they give back. Leos find monogamy challenging, so enjoy the time you're with them, as you might not get it again.


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When seducing a Virgo, keep it clean. Virgos don't enjoy a big mess, and that includes you, so make sure you're fresh from the shower, in clean and pressed clothing, and that you smell great. If you're having trouble getting it started with a Virgo, ask them to proofread something for you or help you organize your office. Virgos love to be of help. They have a reputation for being a bit uptight, but it isn't that they don't like sex — they just want to do it perfectly.

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When seducing a Libra, be sophisticated.  Libras love balance, so if you come on too strong you're going to scare them away; if you don't come on strong enough, they'll assume you're not interested. Libras want a lover who knows what they're doing but isn't a complete player. Although Libra may have a calm and peaceful exterior, they can be insecure, so be sure to let them know how spectacular they are.


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When seducing a Scorpio, prepare to get wild. Scorpios are passionate, intense, and always want to be on top. You may think you're the one doing the seducing, but don't be surprised if your Scorpio takes over. They're so dominant that it can be overwhelming. However, a night with a Scorpio is a night you'll never forget.

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When seducing a Sagittarius, be funny. Sagittarians are easily seduced with humor. Invite them to your comedy or improv show, be witty, or just crack a few jokes (when appropriate). Don't move too fast or the Sagittarian will be scared off. They love the outdoors, so a romantic camping trip might be exactly what you need to seal the deal.


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When seducing a Capricorn, keep them wanting more. Capricorns love structure with a bit of chaos thrown in, so a structured approach is best for them. Limit each encounter to maybe a deep kiss to start, and then the next time move on to massaging their tension-filled areas, like their neck, back, and shoulders. After a campaign of small seductions, you'll have your Capricorn desperate to take things to a higher level of sexual satisfaction.

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When seducing an Aquarius, be unconventional.  With an Aquarius, you need to first engage the mind and then the body. The tricks that usually work on everybody else will definitely fail with an Aquarius. They need things to be fresh, spontaneous and clever. Keeping things loose doesn't mean you shouldn't have a plan of action. Aquarians are unique and one-of-a-kind, so your strategy should be, too.

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When seducing a Pisces, focus on romance. The one thing that Pisces adore above all else is love. They live to please and will figure out what you want even before you know you want it, so try to match them beat for beat. Pisces can be completely unselfish and is usually a very devoted lover and friend, so it may take them a while to allow you to do something for them. Pisces have an unlimited imagination, and when they focus that creativity to all things sexual it can be breathtaking.

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