30 Sizzling-Hot Ways To Seduce Your Partner Tonight

30 Sizzling-Hot Seduction Tips To Try On Your Partner
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What are you waiting for? *wink*

There's nothing hotter than having the control to properly seduce your partner except, maybe, getting the goods that come at the end of your top-notch seduction skills.

Want to get his attention and keep it? It'll not only heat up your night, but it can strengthen your relationship, too.

Give these 30 suggestions a chance, and your partner will be putty in your hands in no time.

1. Tease.


Nothing says hot like teasing your partner with what he can and can't have.

2. Talk dirty.

Whether you're home watching TV or out at a party, tell him exactly what you want to do to him RIGHT NOW.

3. Write dirty.

If you can't talk dirty, then text him the details of what he can expect later.

4. Be direct.

When you're in bed, tell him what you want … and don't beat around the bush about it.

5. Bring home a bag of tricks.


Hit up the sex toy store, and drop the bag of goodies in his lap.

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6. Answer the door partially naked.

While naked might be seductive, too, leaving more to the imagination is always better.

7. Suggest something new.

Tell him about that new sex position you were reading about, or something you've always wanted to try but haven’t.

8. Play "Never Have I Ever."

Playing this game will get to the bottom of things you really need to bring into your sex life.

9. Show him what you like.

Take his hand and show him exactly how you want to be touched — how and where.

10. Let your hair down.


If you have long hair, take it down in front of him. He'll know you mean business.

11. Giveth, then taketh away.

Start to give him what he wants, then take it away, leaving him wanting more.

12. Masturbate in front of him.

Men are really turned on when a woman touches herself. There's no time like TV time to slip your hand in your panties because you're really that horny.

13. Taunt him.

Way different than teasing, this keeps space between you and your partner — a space he'll want to close fast.

14. Take him lingerie shopping.

As you model the things you want to buy, he'll be losing his mind because he can't have you then and there.

15. Text him a tantalizing photo.


We're not talking shots of your hoo-ha, but shots of a nipple through your shirt, or just how high up your skirt goes when you're at your desk at work.

16. Surprise him.

Before you part ways in the morning, tell him he’s in for one hell of a surprise that night.

17. Remove your bra in his presence.

Not really sure why this is so seductive — maybe it's the thought of them being just a bit closer to our breasts sans our bra — but if you remove your bra in front of him, then go back to what you're doing, he'll start thinking it's time for a romp.

18. Show him what he's missing.

Parade back and forth in front of him, as you're getting dressed to leave. If you pretend you have no idea what you're doing, even better.

19. Go panty-less.

And make sure he knows.

20. Hand him your panties mid-dinner.


A scene you've seen in so many films, but it works! If you slip your panties into his hand while he's about to take another bite of food, he'll be beside himself. 

21. Beg.

This really doesn't need much of an explanation.

22. Eat a popsicle.

What's a popsicle shaped like? Yeah, you get it … and use lots of tongue, too.

23. Go in for the kill.

Take the upper hand and attack him with bites and kisses and pulling his clothes off of him.

24. Don't let him touch you.

For as long as you can, stand in front of him naked, or barely clothed, and make him squirm with desire.

25. Make eye contact.


It's amazing how much you can convey with one look.

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26. Bite your lower lip.

The mouth is a very sexy feature; use it to your advantage, by giving it a little bite to draw attention to it.

27. Give him a gift that will remind him of you all day long.

Give him something that he can take to work with the strict instruction to think of [insert something dirty here] every time he uses it.

28. Wear red. 

The color red turns on the "primal instinct in men," need we say more?

29. Walk away.

As they say, he may hate to see you go, but he loves you watch you walk away.

30. Tie him up when he least expects it.


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