What The Full Moon In Pisces Means For Each Zodiac Sign

A Super Blue Moon falls in the magical sign of Pisces on August 30, 2023.

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The second full moon in August, what's known as a blue moon, falls in the magical sign of Pisces on August 30, 2023.

Pisces is the most intuitive, spiritual and creative of signs, so don’t be surprised if you experience feelings of déjà vu, intuition, or vivid dreams on or around the full moon. The planetary rulers of Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter, so Pisces represents the higher realms of dreams and psychic perception as well as loss, deception and self-undoing.


As Pisces rules the 12th house of endings and things that are secret and hidden, we may see certain endings of different types at this time, or it may touch something deeply in your subconscious mind. We may feel linked to others psychically more than ever or you could feel lost in a fog (thanks to Neptune's energy) and hopeless. It is better to make a conscious choice to move forward (which is shown to us by Saturn in Pisces) and continue to live your own ideals (per Jupiter's influence) than to swim in a sea of confusion.

With Neptune involved, you may be creative, prone to daydreaming, and desire to act in a compassionate manner, but Pisces is also prone to deception, lies, dishonesty, addictions, lack of clarity or a belief in something that is not based on reality. If something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Now is not the time to get involved in new ventures, relationships or anything else that is not grounded in total reality.


But, since this moon is conjunct Saturn, many of us will come face to face with our own personal realities for better or worse, and if we have been wearing rose-colored glass, the time may come to focus on matters more clearly with Saturn in the picture.

Of course, Mercury is retrograde which can create delays, and Moon-Saturn transits tend to focus on responsibilities or obligations that must be met.

Let’s take a look at how the full moon in Pisces affects the zodiac signs.


Since this moon falls in your 12th house, you may want to spend some time alone or you could find yourself in some type of situation where you feel isolated. The 12th house rules hospitals, jails, places of seclusion and the things that lie in our subconscious mind. Whatever the case, you will be focused on your own personal reality. It’s time to pause and reflect on what’s most important.



This moon falls in your 11th house of friends, groups, hopes and wishes. Your social group or company you work for may be your focus at this time. It’s important to embrace and be aware of the truth of everyone that you are closely involved with which will give you a deeper understanding of interconnected experiences and open your eyes to who you can depend on and who to take less seriously.


This moon falls in your 10th house of career and reputation. Don’t be surprised if you are in some kind of spotlight and discover how you are perceived by others. Re-evaluate your career direction and whether or not it is providing the growth you want. If not, it may be time for a change.


This moon falls in your ninth house which rules education, travel and your personal view of the world. You may question your own spirituality, belief systems, morals and philosophies. You could travel or there may be someone or something at a distance that captures your attention and focus at this time.

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This full moon falls in your eighth house of change and transformation, taxes, money, sex and death. When a full moon falls in the 8th house some type of change is likely underway, whether it's a small change or a bigger one. You may spend time pondering how you really feel in your relationship if you are in one.


This moon falls in your seventh house of ‘others.’ This can include marriage or romantic partners, or those who are in your life on a day-to-day basis such as co-workers and close friends. This moon will focus on your connections to others; are you happy in your closest relationships and getting what you want, and are they? This moon is about evaluating all of the agreements you have made with others whether they are verbal or nonverbal.


The sixth house rules work and health but also your day-to-day activities and the routines you rarely think of since they are so ingrained in daily life. Now is the time to ask if your day-to-day rhythm and lifestyle make sense, or if you're ready to make some serious change. If you have put off health changes or doctors visits now is the time to catch up in this area.


This full moon rules your fifth house of children, friends, and romance. If you are involved with children, as a parent or teacher, for example, they may be your focus at this time. Otherwise, this full moon is the time to get out with friends or lovers and enjoy yourself. Scorpio, above others, should find the time to have some fun and make the most of summer’s final full moon.


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This moon falls in your fourth house of home, family and foundation. You could spend time at home or be involved with family in some way. Otherwise, now is the time to ask yourself if those most basic things (your job, physical home, and family) are providing you with the support you need. If the answer is no, now is the time to determine how and where you can make the changes that will benefit you the most.


This full moon falls in your third house of communication, immediate family, neighbors and communication. You may spend time with any of these or you may find this moon to be a time of much mental activity. Are you satisfied with your life as it is or do you crave change? If so, now is the time to begin.


The full moon falls in your second house of money, income and possessions, and you may be focused on these matters as well as borrowing or lending. On a much deeper level, however, the second house deals with values and self-esteem. Do you associate ownership with self-worth? If so, now is the time to break this negative connection.



You, Pisces, are the star of the show with the moon falling in your first house of self. When a full moon falls in your first house the focus is on you and, at times, your significant other if you are in a relationship. You may feel more like yourself, so embrace this mystical moon and feel the magic that runs through your veins because after all, you are a Pisces, the most compassionate and intuitive of signs. Let your creativity and compassion shine over these next few days and embrace a new perspective of yourself.

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The Pisces full moon moon is a blue moon as well as a Supermoon.

This represents the final full moon of the summer, and it is considered a 'blue moon’ because it is the second full moon of the month. The term blue moon actually originated from the expression, ‘the Moon is blue’, from the 16th century, meaning ‘something that was impossible.’ On average, a blue moon only occurs once every 33 months and 41 times per century.


The Pisces full moon is also considered a ‘supermoon.’ Supermoons appear much closer to the earth and brighter. They seem more powerful and are often associated with serious weather and earth-related events. For example, the August 1, 2023 full moon was a supermoon that fell at 9 degrees of Aquarius and we have seen significant issues in both Hawaii and California with some of the worst wildfires of the century and the first tropical storm to hit the California coast in 80 plus years.

When a moon is in perigee, the tides are affected to a greater degree. Perigee is the point in the Moon’s orbit where it is closest to the Earth and this one is the closest of the year. There will be one more supermoon this year on September 29th, but this one will be the brightest.

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