There Are 6 Planets In Retrograde — What It Means For You

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are retrograde, with Jupiter soon to follow.

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Retrograde planets embody a period of personal and spiritual transformations. Depending on where they're placed in the chart, they show us where we need to take a step back and analyze the themes relating to the story in our natal chart. For example, sometimes, we may have to overcome challenges imposed by Saturn’s retrograde or get more organized with our thought process with Mercury’s retrograde.


When planets station retrograde, we are encouraged to grow, heal, and uncover our inner power. 

Between May 2023 and January 2024, here are several planets in retrograde at the same time.

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are currently retrograde and Jupiter will station retrograde soon.

These transits may feel overwhelming when planets are retrograde, especially the rulers of our chart (not including the Sun and Moon which are luminaries) because they will have us looking back and releasing the impact of the past so we can move forward with more clarity, confidence, and purpose.


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Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn/Aquarius: May 1, 2023 through October 10, 2023

When Pluto retrogrades, some people may become apprehensive when it happens. Pluto is mystifying, honest, and filled with potent transformations. Pluto goes retrograde each year and the transit lasts for six months.

Pluto brings changes to the collective, with transformations in society. Pluto in Capricorn focused on businesses and politics and in Aquarius, it will be more concerned with the community and technological advancement, to initiate changes that benefit the collective. Pluto brings upheavals, but we will learn to view ourselves differently, and more confidently once we have gone through the trials in darkness and discover our light.

Late-degree cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorns) and early-degree fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will feel this energy the most. 


Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: June 17, 2023 through November 4, 2023

Saturn retrograde happens yearly and lasts for six months. This year, Saturn entered the sign of Pisces, showing us how to work through our emotions, not fear responsibility, and discover our ambitions.

When Saturn stations retrograde, we are asked to think about our relationship to power and authority. Saturn wants us to do things the right way and to be more honest. We are pushed to develop a better relationship with our elders and to tackle responsibility more efficiently. Saturn wants us to break away from the hold that the past may have on us so that we can become more independent and courageous.

The transit can feel overwhelming, but learning to balance work with home will work wonders for us, especially if we have planets in mutable signs.

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) and mutable signs will feel this energy the most, echoing topics from Saturn in Sagittarius’s transit from December 2014 to December 2017.


Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: June 30, 2023 through December 6, 2023

Neptune retrograde transits happen every year and last for five to six months. Neptune is comfortable in the sign of Pisces because it is the co-ruler of the sign. Things get nebulous with Neptune transits and sometimes, things can be hidden.

When Neptune is retrograde, this period is about learning how to unveil the truth and to discern between what is real and what is not. Relationships that are founded on lies will be exposed during this transit, especially with Saturn in the same sign and Mercury making an opposition to Neptune. It is a period of honesty, acceptance, and removing our rose-colored glasses. We see things for what they are when Neptune is retrograde, so we can revise and review before the planet goes direct. It is a time when we experience our reawakening.

Water and mutable signs will feel this energy the most. 

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Venus Retrograde in Leo: July 22, 2023 through September 3, 2023

This transit does not occur as often as the others, going retrograde only every 18 months. But right now, Venus is retrograde in Leo and it will be impacting relationship dynamics until October of this year. When Venus is retrograde, we may have to do some deep work and healing with relationships and this includes the one we have with ourselves.

For creative people, Venus wants you to be honest with what you do and rekindle the love you have for your projects. Venus wants us to value ourselves more, especially since it is in the sign of Leo, the planet ruled by the Sun. It is a reminder not to settle for less in relationships and to love unconditionally. Venus wants us to remember to put ourselves first and to be more diligent about who we give our love to.

Right now, the fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo will feel this energy the most along with Scorpios, Libras and Taurus, the latter two both ruled by this retrograding planet. Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius will experience some changes in their romantic lives or their creative pursuits.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: August 23, 2023 - September 15, 2023

Mercury retrograde is the most popular planet usually brought up when speaking of retrogrades as it happens the most often.


When Mercury stations retrograde it is usually for a few weeks that it's tied to some chaos and minimal disruptions. Mercury can be pesky when it's retrograde because we must be extra careful about what we sign, what we submit, and how we schedule our travel time. Expect major delays and look at this as an editing period because sometimes, work must be redone. A major remedy is to be ahead of the game. Waking up earlier, planning, and having a better outlook can help with your mood.

When Mercury is retrograde, people with Gemini and Virgo placements will feel this the most because it is their chart ruler. Right now, earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are impacted by Mercury in Virgo’s transit since it will force these signs to shape up and be on their toes. 

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: August 28, 2023 through January 17, 2024

Uranus retrograde usually lasts five months, happening every year.

Uranus is transformative, surprising, and enjoys creating some disruptions. Uranus retrogrades are not necessarily negative, but they can be jarring because of the rapid and unexpected changes this transit can bring. But, for those impacted, it is best to go easy on yourselves and view this transit as a rollercoaster ride. Stay put until the ride is done so you can move to the next phase. The more we want to fight the changes, the harder it can be to accept them. Uranus likes to push people to be more open to new ideas, meet new friends that inspire us, and embrace the hobbies we may have been too afraid to take on. As long as we are willing to go with the flow of things, it can be a very illuminating period that allows us to be more flexible and open to changes.


Earth and Fixed signs will feel this energy the most because it will have them clashing with their philosophy. 

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus: September 4, 2023 through December 30, 2023

Jupiter in Taurus goes retrograde for a few months, impacting our ideology, our value system, and our relationship with ourselves. Have we been honoring ourselves? Do we feel confident in our achievements? Jupiter's retrograde will spark some direction in us because it will aspect Mercury and Saturn. It is a time of contemplation, honesty, and planning. There is potential for love and growth because Jupiter's ruler now is Venus. We can see how we can bring more love and care to ourselves and the relationships in our lives.

Fixed and earth signs will feel the impact of Jupiter's retrograde transit the most.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.