The Astrological Reason You Go Through Major Life Changes Every Seven Years

When Saturn transits your natal Moon, you're in for a ride.

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Every seven years, transiting Saturn makes an aspect to your Moon. And some years, it is harsher than others.

Saturn is called the taskmaster; the planet of work, responsibility and restrictions. Without Saturn in the picture, we would never be able to accomplish our goals and dreams, yet at times, Saturn can definitely hold us back, slow us down, coincide with loss, and test what we are doing in life. In many ways, Saturn is the most important planet in the chart, but this in no way negates the other planets or makes them less important.


Over a 30-year period, Saturn will transit each house of the natal chart. By looking at transiting Saturn and what it is aspecting we can determine which area of life Saturn will influence every two-and-a-half years as it moves from house to house.

The Moon in our natal chart represents home, women and our emotions. If Saturn makes positive aspects to the Moon in many cases this can represent stability. If it makes negative aspects we often experience loss, depression, or a lack of joy and happiness at the least.

Effects of Saturn transits to Natal Moon

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Saturn conjunct natal Moon

Let’s begin with the once-every-30-year transit of Saturn conjunct the natal Moon. When Saturn conjuncts the Moon we typically experience some type of loss, grief or depression. Saturn conjunct the Moon often results in feeling as though you have hit an emotional rock bottom.

​Since Saturn rules women we may become concerned at this time about the health or affairs of women that are important to us especially the mother, grandmother or other close relatives and extended family. In a man’s chart, the Moon would represent a time the wife is going through a difficult time if married or in a close relationship.

For some, Saturn conjunct the Moon can result in major life changes. From a spiritual perspective, this is considered to be a time of needed intense self-reflection.

At times Saturn conjunct the Moon can end relationships and at worst it can be connected with death, but only if other aspects in the chart point to it as well.


For example, Licensed Clinical Therapist, Astrologer and TikTok creator Camila Regina talks about Saturn conjunct Moon in Marilyn Monroe’s chart at the time of her death. Pointing at Monroe’s natal chart, she say, “As you can see Marilyn Monroe is a Aquarius Moon sign and she also has Jupiter in Aquarius on her seventh house descendant. As you can see here at the time of her death," she continues, "Saturn was transiting through her natal Moon.”



“As we know there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there that Marilyn Monroe was murdered due to her relationship with the President of the United States at the time," Regina explains. And given that she has Jupiter and the Moon in her seventh house of relationships, and Saturn was transiting her seventh house at the time, therefore I do believe that her passing is related to something having to do with relationships.” 

Saturn sextile natal Moon

Seven years after the conjunction we experience Saturn’s sextile to the natal Moon. A sextile is not a harsh transit, but Saturn’s heaviness can still be experienced by some more than others or it may just seem dull. In this case, however, Saturn should work as a reality check, but not in a particularly negative way like Saturn conjunct the Moon. Your feelings at this time will be rooted in substance and reality but in ways that allow you to deal with any emotional situation in an easy manner.


Saturn rules the past so at this time you may find yourself connected to the past in some way whether through family, antiques, genealogy or some other method. Family matters may become important now, especially concerning parents or older relatives. You will be in control of your emotions and better able to deal with any situation that may arise in a calm and methodical manner. Emotional stability may become important and this aspect can enable you to gain emotional stability, especially if you have been through some traumatic situation.

Since the Moon rules the home, you may do work to your residence or consider buying property.

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Saturn square natal Moon

Saturn will square the Moon seven years after its sextile and 14 years after the conjunction. In a 30-year period Saturn will square the Moon twice; once after the sextile and again after the trine. A square is a hard aspect that infers some kind of emotional disruption in most cases.


At this time you may think about making changes in your priorities in favor of your personal or emotional life as opposed to work and responsibilities. Alternatively, work and responsibilities may overwhelm you at this time causing issues in your personal life.

You could have a concern with family members at this time, typically female. You may experience emotional difficulties with women in your life that can include the mother or another family member. If you are a man problems can arise with any woman who is in your life in a romantic sense, and some relationships may end. If you are a woman, you could experience difficulties with female family members, friends, other women or your emotions. You may also experience some type of loss.

This aspect can seem lonely and depressing. The best course of action is to not expect any grand emotional fulfillment at this time, focus on work and self-reflection and wait for the transit to pass.

Saturn trine natal Moon

Seven years after the square and 21 years after the conjunct, Saturn will trine the natal Moon. Trines are an easy and positive aspect and at this time you may reconnect with your past in some way that could include through friends and family you have known in the past.


This is often a time of emotional equilibrium when you feel a balance between your personal life, work and responsibilities. Any emotional tensions may be resolved at this time in a common sense manner in favor of harmony. You may feel an emotional maturity you have not experienced earlier but your emotional state is generally sober and realistic.

Older people may give you great insight into any problems you may face, and you may be drawn to those who are older and have more experience. This is a positive time for buying a home or real estate and this is a positive time for planning.

Saturn opposing natal Moon

Seven years after the trine we experience the once-every-30-year opposition of Saturn to the natal Moon. This is one of the more emotionally trying transits of Saturn’s aspect to the Moon. It is often associated with some form of loss, rejection, breakups, loneliness or difficulties with women.


Since the Moon represents your emotional needs, you may find at this time your emotional or personal life is lacking and you may have to spend a great deal of time focused on work or responsibilities.

Since the Moon represents all of the women in your life you could experience issues with the wife, girlfriend, mother, family members or other women in your orb. Typically this aspect involves trouble or issues as a result of someone else.

You may feel as though you have to change your lifestyle or living situation to experience a more balanced way of life. Major life changes often occur at this time.

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