What Your Marriage Will Be Like, Based On Your 8th House Placements

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The eighth house is synonymous with the sign of Scorpio.

We experience our trauma, the past, and methods of healing here. Transformations and how we can rise above are evident in this house. It is a house that empowers and strengthens when we understand our psyche.

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The eighth house can also show how our marriage will be since it is activated when we are in a committed relationship that is meant for the long term, which is the natural evolution from the seventh house.

Eighth house placements reveal what fuels our love and stabilizes our marriage for the long term.

What your marriage will be like, based on 8th house relationship astrology

Sun in the 8th house

With the Sun in the eighth, the marriage will feel energizing. Sun’s position here will show that the native will draw in a partner with similar ideals and goals.

Because of the ego-driven placement, it could make both parties feel confident and secure with each other. However, if communication is lacking, there could be a clash of egos. Nevertheless, the marriage will be fueled by creative energy and mutual respect.

Moon in the 8th house

This is a turbulent position for the Moon to be in. However, in a marriage, this translates into an emotional and deep connection between the natives and their partners.

It is a position that helps fortify the marriage since Moon allows for potent emotional ties and bonds. The relationship is built on trust and it could feel like soulmate energy, temporarily. When the Moon in the 8th native feels empowered, you will both be the protector and feel protected by your partner.

Transparency is required for the bond to intensify over time.

Mercury in the 8th house

An intellectual connection can be expected when the native has Mercury in the eighth house. It is a marriage that will rely on communication and honesty. P

ersonal growth for both parties is essential since they push one another to achieve their goals. Both partners will be inspired by one another as well as their ideologies.

Because this placement could also affect the 4th and 5th houses, they make sure to build a strong educational foundation to teach their children at home.

Venus in the 8th house

Venus wants to be desired, loved, and treasured when the native has this planet in the 8th House.

There could be a need for comfort for both parties. Love is expressed by bonding and a deep focus on happiness and relaxation. The partners in this marriage could be possessive of each other.

Materialistic tendencies could also happen. This could be a marriage where the partners enjoy dining in luxurious places and traveling to exclusive destinations around the world together.

Mars in the 8th house

Driven, ambitious, and passionate are words to describe the marriage of the native with this eighth house placement.

The native draws in a partner who will inspire and push them to reach their full potential. There is mutual trust, motivation, and desire in this marriage connection. It is a bond that continues to thrive over time, especially if there is mutual respect and love.

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Jupiter in the 8th house

The native with Jupiter in the eighth house experiences a marriage that brings the meeting of the minds. They could meet their partner overseas or they could have a culture different from theirs.

Their marriage will enjoy the thrills of traveling together, meeting new people, and settling in other parts of the world. They will want to explore, learn and grow with each other. 

Saturn in the 8th house

This is a placement that brings about stability and tranquility as the marriage progresses. Admiration and respect will be expressed between the partners.

The native knows what they want and they feel their confidence growing as the marriage begins to represent their vision and goals. Time bolsters their marriage and love.

Uranus in the 8th house

Things can get chaotic in an interesting way with Uranus in the 8th. The native is not afraid of changes and the marriage can experience some ups and downs but overall, the exciting energy is welcomed since it keeps things interesting for both parties.

Here the natives can focus on a relationship that allows them to express themselves freely. There is comfort in the unknown and unexpected. 

Neptune in the 8th house

The native with Neptune in the 8th must create boundaries before entering a marriage. Neptune tends to blur things and will glamorize anything in our presence.

As long as their partner is honest and respectful, the native will thrive in the marriage since Neptune can help them bring diplomacy, love, and care.

However, if the native does not establish boundaries or refuses to see who their partner truly is, it could make the marriage feel as if they are wearing rose-colored glasses. Everything is beautiful until the glasses shatter.

Pluto in the 8th house

Having this powerful planet in the 8th depicts an ongoing metamorphosis in the relationship. Pluto will shake things up and reset when it needs to. The marriage will constantly evolve, shedding the old to bring forth more maturity and structure.

A sense of trust and care is needed to help strengthen this connection.

What an empty 8th house means for your relationships

Do not worry if there aren’t any planets in the eighth House. There are still ways to see how things will flow in a marriage.

The native should check what planet rules their 8th house and see where it is located in their natal chart.

For example, if Leo is on the cusp of the eighth house, the Sun’s position in the chart will provide additional pieces to the puzzle. If Aries is the sign on the eighth, Mars will be key.

Seeing the house it is located in as well as the aspects will unlock more clues to unravel the mystery.

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