Yearly Pisces Horoscope


2021 Mantra: I trust in my own healing.

In order for things to be different in the new year, you have to trust that you’ve healed and grown as much as you know you have. This is the part where you no longer carry the past with you. Not to wear those rose-colored glasses that you’re famous for, but instead to free yourself from thinking that the future can’t be better than you’ve imagined.

Even though you’re known for being overly dreamy and imaginative, you also tend to dwell on worse case scenarios, but what you’ve learned is that focusing on what we don’t want doesn’t make it not happen.

If anything by doing that you steal the joy of the present moment-and of any future ones. But to release thinking about the scary what-ifs in life, you need to trust in your healing.

This means that you believe you have learned all the lessons that you were meant to and that you’re ready for the gift they provide. While there is no happily ever after, there is happy let yourself believe things can actually be different and they will be.

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