Yearly Pisces Tarot Card Reading


Past: Queen of Cups, reversed

The past year showed you that love is more important than anything else to you and that for love, you surprise even yourself with what you're willing to do for another person. All that said, you also realize that the past is a beautiful dream and that that dream doesn't exist today but in memory. You don't mind slipping into old memories now and then, but you know that you can't make 2024 about the past and your experience of it.

Present: Six of Cups

What really makes you happy right here and now is knowing that you have friends. Your friends are new and old, and you cherish the times you have with them, as these people show you that there's more to life than ... romance or even money. You take much time this year to spend honoring your friendships, and you feel that it's through the sharing of spiritual love that you are able to be your best self. This is a year of generosity and spirited companionship for you, Pisces.

Future: Four of Swords

As the future comes into focus for you, you'll realize that everything changes and so do you. All this passes and all things somehow revive. What you do during this year does not extend forever, and this humbling lesson shows you that each and every moment is to be treasured as life is precious and valuable. Your future is one of acceptance and deep self-love. It's all so beautiful to you, and you are able to reconcile with yourself in ways you never thought possible.

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