Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021

Not that you ever need a push to be affectionate - or to receive affection for that matter, but this week is going to be all about love, giving love, receiving love, and, well, the fun stuff. Seems it's a super sexy week for mostly everybody here, and what's really nice about that is how you let your love show.

You have never been inhabited, but you've withheld out of a fear of being hurt. No need to fear that, this week, Pisces, as every bit of love you give out will be reciprocated a thousandfold. What you'll have this week is fun, harmony, peace, and much company - if you want it.

You're also going to feel more relaxed than usual, which is going to show up in your ability to make money too - a clear head is a mind able to see the right way to go about things, and you'll be clear-headed and able to choose exactly what's right for you and yours, during this first week of the month. Risk it, dare to go there, and live dangerously - at least for this week.

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