Yearly Sagittarius Tarot Card Reading


Past: King of Wands, reversed

The past holds nothing for you but the greatest lessons you'll ever learn, and the beauty of it all is that you've learned them all. That's not to say the door is shut on wisdom, but you've accrued so many lessons, both positive and negative and this enables you to have a bank of wisdom to turn to during the new year. Life has given you callouses, but you see those hardened areas as part of the cocoon that you will emerge from in 2024.

Present: The Chariot, reversed

What didn't pan out last year, travel-wise, is definitely on the 2024 agenda. You spent a good deal of last year saving money and planning for the future, and well, the future is now, so you may find that you'll be spending time abroad or leisurely cruising around the islands if you so choose. You will also be changing your location and your living space as you finally feel the time is right and the conditions are perfect.

Future: Two of Wands

The future has you feeling grateful for your entire experience on Earth. You feel as though you might be a late bloomer, but you are certainly a bloomer, that's for sure. You've taken yourself from a place of fear and loss all the way to the top. You see the future as yours to control ... to a degree. You are not arrogant, however; you are here to go with the flow, but you don't mind manipulating that flow to your benefit, as you've learned it's easy enough to do.

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