Monthly Sagittarius Tarot Card Reading

April 2024

Past: Three of Wands, reversed
This card has you mulling over a few past mistakes, knowing that all you've ever done is part of what makes up the sum of you, now. You feel as though the past holds the answers as to why you act a certain way today and what you need to work on to get past it, so that you can create for yourself a much happier and heartier existence.

Present: Judgment, reversed
This is where you come to understand that your hunger for success is not always met by the right decision-making, and this teaches you to back off and pace yourself. The judgment made here this month is the one you've made for yourself as you've come to understand that you are not the superhero you made yourself out to be, but merely a talented and capable human being.

Future: Three of Cups
The biggest lesson for you during April is all about pacing. You need a life that is more...balanced and the future has you planning out your schedule in such a way that you're able to do some of the stuff you used to be involved with, yet didn't make the time for. Expect to reconnect with friends and family again as April progresses.

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