Yearly Aries Tarot Card Reading


Past: Three of Swords

You've seen your share of heartache and pain, and while some of it seems to be self-inflicted, you know now that it's all part of the healing process. This healing of yours stems from your distant past, and you've carried it around for too long. You've also come to understand that you are the sum of your experience. You leave 2023 knowing that you could get all you could out of it, and while there's always room to grow, you feel as though it's time to end certain bad habits and thought patterns.

Present: Knight of Cups

2024 is all about you donning a new attitude and becoming a person of your word. It may even feel old-fashioned in so much as you really want to be the person who brings joy to others. None of this is selfish either; you're not doing it to make yourself feel better. You are sincerely interested in the well-being of others. Much of this year will be spent doing good deeds because you believe that this is the person you wish to be, and you, in your Aries way, will not stop or be held back.

Future: Six of Pentacles, reversed

Where you once felt hungrier about making money and saving as much as you could for yourself, you feel that the future is more about balance. This could imply that you are less ambitious and more charitable. 2024 has you adopting an entirely new attitude towards money; you want to share. You are happy to play a role in making someone else money. You are generous and kind and this is how you wish to envision yourself this year.

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