Yearly Aries Tarot Card Reading


2020 Tarot reading for Aries — Knight of Pentacles

I pulled the Knight of Pentacles for you, Aries.

This year is going to be a slow burn for you, and that’s trickier for you than most, because you tend to be short on patience.

Things are going to be thrown your way; don’t let your fire burn into a rage. Keep your cool, stay level headed, and stick to the grind.

You should take great pride in the work you are doing and the actions you’re taking to make the year as good as it’s going to get.

If anyone, you have the stamina to outlast all the things being thrown your way this year.

As you proceed through the next half of the year, carry on with caution, guarding yourself.

Not everything is as it seems, in person or business, and you should be wise with decision making.

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