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Best Love Day: Thursday, January 25
Practice Caution On: Saturday, January 27

As you begin the new year, you will be focusing more on your career than your romantic life, at least for most of the month. While setting up a solid foundation for your future will help you in the long run, try to be mindful of not using work as an avoidance to deal with things in your relationship. As soon as you do, the better because you can begin the transition process.

January will bring the Full Moon in Leo, which lights up themes of happiness and commitment. Whether you want to remain in your current relationship, this will be a bright spot, helping you return to what brings you the most joy. Allow this to energize you and help you return to yourself before Uranus stations direct in Taurus, which may bring some surprises and shifting of values.

Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8
Practice Caution On: Saturday, February 24

February starts to bring the promise of what you hope to create during the next year as Pisces and Aquarius energy inspire you to dream and believe in anything becoming possible. Although the stars are in your favor, you also must believe in the best outcome to any situation. You're not being foolish to have hope that things can turn out far better than you could have imagined. Instead, it's you finally feeling confident to know no matter what has previously happened, you are in charge of your destiny.

While the influx of Piscean and Aquarian energy helps you to reignite your hope, there may also be some important themes of healing that you are asked to go through this month. Alongside asteroid Vesta direct in Gemini and the Full Moon in Virgo, the themes this month are conversations. They may not all be comfortable, but when you start to open up about what you're moving through, you allow yourself to find the clarity needed to trust your decisions.

Best Love Day: Monday, March 25
Practice Caution On: Saturday, March 9

This is the first significant point of the year where you will start to see some catalyst events begin to shake things up in your life. January and February were more about your inner prep and building up your confidence, but March will bring things to the point that something shifts permanently in your relationship. Depending on your journey, this could mean a break-up or a proposal, as eclipses tend to work in theme of all or nothing. Yet, you may not truly see the meaning until later in the month as the dust settles and you're able to see how all the dots are finally starting to connect.

March begins with Mercury shifting into Aries. While this will help you speak your truth and be more authentic, you also must watch for having a shorter fuse, being impulsive, and saying something you won't be able to take back. Although this is something to be cautious of, it will pave the way for whatever occurs on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra. The last Libra eclipse was in October of 2023, so reflect on that time to understand what is coming to a head. As much as you may feel a lack of control over how things are suddenly changing, just trust that it is happening for your highest good.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, April 23
Practice Caution On: Monday, April 8

Get ready to speak your truth and declare your freedom from anything that has held you back. This will be the time when if you are meant to separate from your current relationship as part of the eclipse cycle, it will be occurring now. On the other hand, you may also reestablish a strong connection, commit more deeply or finally feel like past heartbreak no longer has a hold on you. Use this energy to reflect on what has brought you to this moment, along with validating your inner self to help you continue to rise to whatever challenge may surface.

April brings the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign of Aries, along with a Full Moon in Scorpio, ruler of all matters of transformation. But, when you start to speak your truth, change does become unavoidable. It's what is the catalyst and change for everything that you will go through. Make sure to practice caution around your solar eclipse and allow yourself to find the freedom you seek. Otherwise, you may gravitate toward arguments instead.

Best Love Day: Thursday, May 16
Practice Caution On: Thursday, May 23

Most choose to avoid change because of the amount of work that it will take to accomplish it, and in relationships, this is often even more true. It's okay to acknowledge that separating is challenging and that it might feel overwhelming, but that doesn't mean you should be giving up or letting what seems hard stop you. If it feels like you're encountering blocks as you begin a new relationship, know that it's just as worthwhile to work on things together. Often, the universe tests you just before the greatest blessing.

May is all about putting in the plans, conversations and work to start laying the groundwork for the next chapter of your life. Asteroid Pallas, which rules your internal flame and the home, shifts into Scorpio, ruler of all matters of transformation within your life, just as Venus moves into Gemini and begins to again open channels of communication. Stay present for whatever your relationship brings because knowing that you deserve the love you seek means you are also ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

Best Love Day: Monday, June 17
Practice Caution On: Thursday, June 6

You've been hoping for a peaceful outcome to what has started to materialize in your life, all the while knowing that you can no longer choose the path of least resistance. With the first round of eclipses now behind you, it's time to focus on finding peace within your life. Even if you are still in process, you are not where you were when you began the year, and that alone can bring so much gratitude.

May bring the New Moon in Gemini and Venus shifting into Cancer, helping you to start a new round of conversations about bringing balance and peace to your home life and relationship. If it's felt like you've been spinning your wheels since the start of the year, you'll finally start to make some progress this month. While this energy can appeal to those who are having to figure out a new living situation, it can also favor those who are beginning a phase of living together for the very first time. Focus on that spark of inner truth and continue to express yourself as honestly and transparently as possible.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, July 2
Practice Caution On: Friday, July 26

If you have any momentous changes to move through, it's best to do it before the end of the month when asteroid Chiron begins its retrograde within your sign of Aries. Not that forward movement becomes impossible, but only that you will be more focused on themes of healing and reflection than necessarily on how to bring something to fruition. While this will be a powerful month for you to find a clear resolution and path forward, there is also the chance of new love or greater commitment coming in as well.

Mercury shifts into Leo, ruler of your sector of happiness, pleasure and commitment, coloring your conversations and thoughts about these important pieces of life. Because of this, you believe that you deserve to be happy, and because of that, the decisions you make will be different. We all make mistakes or have those moments when we're not at our best; don't let yours stop you from creating the very relationship you've always dreamed of.

Best Love Day: Sunday, August 4
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, August 14

August sets itself up to be a mix of energies for you as you are glowing under the Leo energy, which is bringing in lightness and love that you had all but given hope on having. Within that, there are still some pieces of your life that you need to wrap up or reflect on to have the happiness and committed relationship you truly desire.

Many times, a new beginning will precede an ending, and you have experienced that with the current eclipse cycle before the previous one ended. The New Moon in Leo at the start of the month brings a fresh new phase of commitment, love and pleasure into your life. As Mercury stations retrograde in this fire sign later in the month, you will need to revisit or reflect on the agreements you've made. This may be an opportunity to finally wrap up or bring closure to something from your past, whether it's a divorce, selling a home or finally leaving that ex in the past. Just remember not to let anything that is already behind you affect the future you want to create.

Best Love Day: Thursday, September 26
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, September 17

Focus your energy on establishing what you want to live rather than fighting over anything from the past or hanging onto a love you already know isn't meant for you. Only you can bring the past to rest, and it's something to be cautious of. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces will help you bring many of the pieces of your healing, acceptance and closure to your relationship themes this year. Lunar Eclipses are all about your internal world, while Pisces rules all that is below the surface for you, so create plenty of time for solitude this month as your healing takes center focus.

Thanks to Mercury in Libra, you are thinking a great deal about relationships, which will help your healing and the plans you are preparing to begin. Mercury in Libra enables you to think about things in terms of partnerships, reciprocity, love and what you can do to create what you most desire. Conversations with a special person may be incredibly important this month, along with a healing conversation with an ex in which you're both able to wish each other well as you each move into a chapter of the greatest happiness. Remember, it's the process of acceptance that allows you to become better and not bitter.

Best Love Day: Wednesday, October 2
Practice Caution On: Thursday, October 17

The month of October is all about love for you. Not only is there a plethora of planets in Libra, highlighting your romantic life. It seems you are finally in the space to start enjoying the love you've worked hard to create or are finally available to pursue it in a new direction. This brings a fresh wave of energy that begins with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, which is all about new movements, new directions and new intentions. Allow yourself to follow your heart this month as you recognize there will always be more to heal from, but it doesn't mean you need to stop yourself from delaying your happiness.

The Full Moon in Aries could bring some fireworks to situations, especially if you are still trying to hang onto something or have been trying to come from a place of avoidance. This brings the ending to a cycle, and sometimes, that can only occur through dramatic actions. There is no stopping you now, so try your best to be aware of your feelings, honor your truth and then remember that you do deserve to be loved for who you truly are.

Best Love Day: Sunday, November 3
Practice Caution On: Monday, November 25

There is a balance between letting yourself feel empowered to create what you desire most and recognizing that sometimes you still need to go slow. Life is a dance, a little bit of a cha-cha, a little of unpredictability, but it still doesn't mean it's random. As much as October began with new beginnings and fresh energy, you now reflect on your future as asteroid Juno shifts into Scorpio. This area of your life, like so many others this year, points to a major relationship in your life transitioning into something different. Remember, just as much as two people can grow apart — they can grow together, too.

Mercury begins its retrograde journey in Sagittarius, which rules matters of abundance, the future, adventure and exploration. Still, in this position, it means you need to review some of the plans that you've made for yourself. This doesn't have to toss it out and begin again, but make sure you're involving your partner or the person you see in your future. If that amazing, unexpected love came along after all, remember that the only thing worth changing your plans for is love.

Best Love Day: Sunday, December 29
Practice Caution On: Friday, December 6

Mars is your ruling planet and will be in Leo in December, calling you to make moves that create more joy, commitment and passion in your life. Mars also stations retrograde this month, meaning that you are being called to reflect once again, not on the plans you are making like you were in November, but in terms of your motivation and desires for life.

To fully embrace the continued power of the eclipses in your life, you need to be in space to honor those inner desires. This will bring a lull to forward momentum, but you have also done a great deal of transformation this year, so it's also okay to pause. Embrace the moments of relaxation and peace before you start a brand-new chapter in your life.

Adding to the pause, asteroid Chiron stations direct in Aries at the critical zero degree, ushering in the learning of karmic lessons, divine timing and the beginning of something beautiful in your life. As much as you've had to find courage over the past year, it's now time to embrace how far you've come, how much you've learned and how much has already changed. By embracing these feelings, you will be able to be energized for the new year.

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