Monthly Aries Tarot Card Reading

July 2021

Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles, reversed

This month is going to bring you the kind of energy that is both exciting and possibly dangerous to a degree.

When we draw the Page of Pentacles, we are getting a signal from the universe that deals with irresponsibility and the kind of hubris that only belongs to the very hopeful.

What this could mean is that during July, you might find yourself in need of making an important decision. What bugs you is that you don't want to decide - yet you have to.

And as the old saying goes, you "cut off your nose to spite your face." What this means is that, because you want no responsibility, and even less involvement in whatever is coming, you foolishly make a decision based on impulse and childishness.

The advice here is to think things through. Don't make July the month where you threw responsibility to the wind; stay on track and don't lose your cool.

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