Yearly Scorpio Tarot Card Reading


Past: Nine of Wands, reversed

2023 showed you that the work you do has very little payoff, and that's mostly because you didn't stand up for yourself and demand more. That isn't just about money but about creative input. You enjoy work, and you are good at what you do, but you've been underrated and you know it. When you think back on it all, you feel as though you are no longer willing to stick around for any kind of professional disrespect.

Present: Nine of Cups, reversed

2024 has you pulling yourself all the way out of whatever funk held on to you as you come to know that you are entirely capable of rewriting your fate. You no longer have to rely upon the approval of others because you've decided, on your own, that you are worth it without the confirmation that comes from people you barely respect. This has you winning the lottery in your way, as your job situation will not only improve but also end up being exactly what you want.

Future: Ten of Pentacles

The future doesn't only look bright, Scorpio. It looks lucrative. You will thrive as a result of a personal choice and so much of what you feel now is self-confidence and the kind of motivation that allows you to perceive yourself as a winner. In one year, you will have completely changed your professional life and you will be so glad that you had the nerve to stand up for yourself. You are worth the attention you receive, and all of it will be positive.

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