Weekly Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Apr 15, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024

Best Love Day: Friday, April 19

There is so much beautiful energy surrounding you as you prepare to enter a new phase in your romantic life. The North Node in Aries just created a profound moment of commitment as the Solar Eclipse and New Moon activated it. This energy was about helping you tune into the marriage or relationship that feels most aligned with your soul so you could seize a brand-new beginning or phase in matters of the heart. This energy works in stages and steps as it helps to arrange the collective pieces of your fate so you can feel fulfilled by all you have created.

As Saturn in Pisces aligns with the North Node in Aries, a strong theme will be between your romantic commitment, home, family, and healing. Saturn in Pisces has encouraged you to get more serious about buying a home, creating a strong family, and developing a romantic relationship. The North Node in Aries reminds you of what you want and what has always been meant for you. As these two unite, there’s a powerful force that could signify a deeper commitment, a change of address, or a return of joy to your relationship. Continue on the path, knowing and trusting that each step is worth it.

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