Monthly Sagittarius Love Horoscope

December 2023

Best Love Day: Wednesday, December 6

Leading Energy: Neptune Direct in Pisces, ruler of your home

Your home, family life and domestic relationship have been a central focus for you most of this year, especially as Saturn was recently stationed direct in this emotional water sign.

Pisces rules all matters closest to your heart, which is also why, no matter how much you love to explore and try new things in life, having a solid and secure home is essential for you. As much as it hasn't seemed like it, Saturn and Neptune are working together to help you understand what you need and fully embrace the path forward to achieve it.

Neptune direct in Pisces helps you to embrace the lessons you've learned since June, especially regarding the truth of your needs, home and relationship. Saturn stationed direct at the beginning of November, which was the start of implementing what you've learned, especially around any karmic lessons. Still, now that you can clearly see the whole picture, you owe it to yourself to take action to create what you really want.

Honor yourself first by articulating your needs to your partner, giving yourself time to process and validate yourself. You have a huge emotional capacity, but sometimes you overlook that to keep moving. When you honor your heart, you also can create a home and relationship that honors you.

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