Yesterday's Taurus Horoscope

Jan 17, 2021

Put your learning cap on, but try to stay out of any internet rabbit holes and losing a lot of time in the day.

The Moon harmonizes with Pluto so you may feel ready to learn and explore, but for what reason? You need to know. Pluto has a pesky habit of making things seem like they need to happen now.

And while it is in your ninth solar house of learning the Moon can create the feeling that you're missing out, when maybe you are not.

All good things come with an appropriate time. If you feel pressured to buy this program or another because of FOMO, check yourself.

The Moon in Pisces will work conjunct Neptune, so be careful not to compare yourself to others either.

Just because friends or someone seems to have it all because they bought an item or something doesn't mean it's good for you. Ask good questions; play it smart.

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