Men Are From Mars: 3 Key Differences Between The Sexes


Knowing where they'll struggle helps couples prepare for possible disagreements.

To say that women and men kind of think differently is to say that the Seahawks kind of outplayed the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Perhaps that's why many of us find it so difficult to make a relationship work. Yep, there's really no way to get around it: the Battle of the Sexes will wage on longer than all other wars put together.

Still, men and women don't disagree on everything; most probably agree on the importance of family or that the Dexter finale was a huge disappointment. But, there are three main areas where — to find men and women nodding in unison — would be like having a Yeti join you on your camping trip for s'mores around the fire. These three things are helpful to keep in mind when trying to make a relationship work; if you know your differences, you can better understand the areas where you’ll have your struggles.

The One Night Stand:

Perhaps one of the biggest double standards in the world of dating is the one night stand; women are embarrassed by it, while men find it acceptable and even laudable. This difference of opinion is likely largely shaped by society; women are taught to feel ashamed by sleeping around, while men are taught the "more the merrier" approach. This is the reason you never see a man doing the walk of shame (or, at least, rarely see one).

Yet, even without societies judgmental eye, it is likely that the one night stand would still be viewed differently between the sexes. This is simply because men are better able to compartmentalize sex while women are more likely to let their emotions get involved. The way both genders view sex can prove difficult when attempting to make a relationship work. This is one of the many reasons communication is so important.

Home Buying:

Another area where men tend to be from Mars and women tend to be from Venus is in the area of home buying. In the whole make-a-relationship-work grand scheme of things, this isn't usually a deal breaker, but it does take compromise. This, in part, is because men are more likely to buy for their short-term needs whereas women think more into the future.

In fact, a survey by Redfin shows that men are more likely to buy a house that they will live in for less than five years and more likely to live in the city. Women, on the other hand, opted for suburbia.

Home improvement appear to be the great equalizer, with both men and women rolling up their sleeves to repaint the shed, fix the fence and remodel the bathroom. This trend, however, is a bit recent; the last few years have seen female interest in home improvement spike so much that companies now advertise for their demographic.

Household Chores:

The Cleavers may have been the proverbial family every clan is destined to compare themselves to, but they were also a bit sexist (at least for modern times). While Ward brought home the bacon, June was always the one expected to cook it.

But, while this show was perfectly appropriate for that era, some women believe that things haven't changed all that much. Trying to make a relationship work this way in modern times may work for some but it doesn't work for all.

According to Time magazine, this is an area where men and women largely disagree, with both genders contesting who is doing what. In households where both partners are employed, 55 percent of women believe they have more home and family responsibilities than their spouse, whereas only 28 percent of men believe this same thing.

Taking care of the children is another area where different viewpoints come into play; while 69 percent of women say they are their child's primary care giver, 40 percent of men believe the responsibility is shared. On the flipside, only 13 percent of men believe they themselves do the majority of the child rearing.

Men and women always have and always will have their fair share of differences, and accepting this is one of the largest ways to make a relationship work. The focus needs to be placed on celebrating these differences.  At least they make for some excitement; dating and marriage would be so boring if we were all alike.

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