A Man's Point Of View On "The Art of Seduction"

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Looking to seduce your man? Find out how from a mans point of view!

The art of seduction is not just an art, but a thoroughly enjoyable one! Knowing that you get your man hot and flustered creates a rush of sexual tension that only you know how to really enjoy. So, if you are fed up of feeling unattractive or stuck in a rut then it is time to read on to find out the very best ways to seduce your man and put the spice back in your love life like when you first met!

To really seduce your man, you need to be a little sneaky and scheming, but really you are only using the powers of being a woman that only women know how to use to get what they really want. By seducing your man, you will have him sweating with desire, running home from the office to be with you, and you can really put the spark back into your relationship; when you follow the seduction tips set out below you will feel like a lust filled teenager again!

When learning how to seduce your man, the most important thing to remember is that the whole process should not be arduous; in fact it should be fun! If you can turn into a seductive temptress then your man will not even know what you are doing to him; and that will make it even more fun!

Firstly, remember the way that you used to look at him seductively when you first met? Well, try that look again! But don't just look at him seductively; you need to give him a reason to feel seduced and that means looking seriously sexy for him! Your will know what it was that attracted him to you in the first place, so work on that again; it might have been your breasts or perhaps your seductive curves. Let him fall in love with your body all over again and soon he will not be able to get enough of you!

Seduce your man by being ultra sexy. You know what turns your man on, so show him what he wants and then take it away from him to get him really hot and bothered and lusting after you. Wear the cutest and sexiest outfit, and when you catch him drooling, cover up and turn away! The art of seduction however is a clever one, so don't where tacky clothes or skirts that are far too short; be cute, sassy and sexy and let your seductive powers win him over.

Now, cast your mind back to when you first met your man and remember how you used your powers of seduction to get him where you have him today. Give him those cute smiles and glances that drove him crazy and flirt with him and tease him until he gets so hot he cannot resist but to go in for the kill. Seduction is all about keeping the spark in your relationship alive and that means flirting with him and exciting him just like you know he loves.

Flirting with your man in public will drive him wild with sexual desire, and your man will not be able to wait to get you home for a night of unadulterated passion! Try those lingering touches that drove him crazy when you first met him; then pull away and leave him wanting more. To keep the spark alive in your relationship, make sure your man has to constantly fight to get he wants; never let him become complacent with what he has!

When learning how to get the spark back into your relationship it is important that you show your man that he needs to treat you well to keep you keen. Don't just be complacent with the relationship you have as this will turn stale very quickly. Never let your guy presume he can have you whenever he wants and never throw yourself at him; to keep him keen, be mean, and yes this strategy applies not just for new couples but established relationships too!

To seduce your man and keep him, work on your relationship every day. Play naughty and turn yourself into a sassy temptress; your man will turn to putty in your hands and you can recreate all those hottest and sexiest moments that you had when you first met. And most of all, seduction is a game to play and a game to enjoy, so play it well and enjoy all the fun you will have!