5 Ways Swingers Have More Romantic Relationships

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See why swingers say they're happier.

Swinger couples have a lower divorce rate and swingers tend to be happier than monogamous couples. For a relationship to succeed for a long time, it is very important for the couple to have a sense of intimacy, both physical and emotional. Without such intimacy, there is high likelihood of the couple not to thrive.

Generally, intimacy focuses mostly on various elements including strong connection of trust, honesty, affection, closeness, friendship, relaxation and comfort. It is therefore crucial to know how you can build true intimacy in your relationship. The following are tips on how swinger couples usually have intimacy in their relationships that enables them to enjoy and have very low divorce cases.

1. Spending a lot time together

On a regular basis, a couple should spend much of their time together. You should avoid all excuses such as being busy since they are distracters to having intimacy in a relationship. Weekly dates are also very good in creating intimacy and therefore you should have them regularly. Try to keep your love alive by simply concentrating solely on each other.

2. Be affectionate

A genuine intimacy normally goes far even beyond the sexual and physical varieties. Even the little things that you do in a relationship also count and they can greatly assist you in establishing a strong closeness and connection. You can even hold your hands together when walking. To have intimacy, you should adapt giving each other small kisses especially in the morning at the door when parting for work. You can as well hug each other before parting.

3. Have the spark back to love

For you to nurture the intimacy of your relationship well, there are many things that you should do together. This enables to increase the physical spark which may not be as apparent as it was previously at the start of the relationship. In times of passion, enjoy kissing each other more and always keep your eyes open during the passionate moments. This is because the eye contact can assist in creating a strong connection and emotional bond. Tell your partner openly about your needs and also listen the specific needs of your partner as well.

4. Compliment your partner

As time goes on in a relationship, a common problem that is experienced is taking your significant other (your spouse) for granted. If you note such a thing happening, you should reestablish the relationship intimacy but try as much as possible to keep your spouse feeling good. Genuinely, tell her more of positive things about her. By doing so, you will be creating intimacy since she will feel that you really appreciate her.

5. Discuss your relationship

Communication is the key thing that leads to a long-lasting as well as a fulfilling relationship. Always speak to your partner frequently concerning the status of your love relationship. This should also include frustrations and other issues. In case of any problem, first try to solve the problem by yourselves before involving a third party. This can greatly boost your relationship and thus foster intimacy.

In conclusion, the above are some of the tips that the swinger couples apply to have a more intimate relationships. Use them to see how they work for your own relationship.