Can You Snag A Relationship With Affirmations? 6 Tips To Try

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Is the secret to your happiness right around the corner? Try affirmations to find out!

Affirmations can be used effectively in dating and relationships to get your mind focused on the end result of your goal in either meeting the partner of your dreams or sustaining and deepening a current relationship. If you are looking for a partner and engaged in the searching process, affirmations can assist you in clarity of the description of the person in which you would be most suited to have a successful relationship. You may use an affirmation that says that you are attracting an ideal partner or you may get more specific on particular traits that are on your list of 'must haves'.

For example, if you love to travel and wish to begin extensive travel to see the world, you may want to create an affirmation that you are attracting a compatible travel companion who is adventurous and ready to see the world with you! If you are a single parent, you may want an affirmation that you find a partner who loves kids and sharing family time together. You get to decide what is important to you and then craft an affirmation that embodies your wishes. If you're interested in getting started, read on to learn six tips to using affirmations effectively. 

1. Add Feelings
If you are just repeating your affirmations like a mantra without feeling, they will not be effective. It is important to get into the emotion behind your desire. Pick affirmations that you feel passionate about.

2. Have Faith
You also need to believe the affirmation is possible. If you lack faith, then it is unlikely that repeating empty words will result in success.

3. Be Open-minded 
Also, if you are too specific, you may be limiting the choices. For example, if you say your ideal mate must be tall or have red hair, you may be missing a wonderful match. Instead, you may want to say that you find a partner who is physically attractive to you or that you find someone with whom you have excellent physical chemistry.

4. Write Your affirmations 
Record your affirmations on paper, in a notebook, journal or notecard. I suggest reading and repeating your affirmations at least 3 times a day. Ideally first thing in the morning, sometime during the day and just before you go to sleep at night. If you are inconsistent with your affirmations, you will have inconsistent results as well.

5. Focus 
If you have too many affirmations, you may become overwhelmed and be diluting your focus. You may also find it too time consuming to go through a long list. One to five affirmations are probably enough.

6. Use Positive Language 
Always keep your affirmations positive addressing exactly what you want and not what you don't want.

If your affirmations begin to bore you or loose their appeal, then mix them up or create some new ones. Again, choose statements that you sincerely believe are possible for you and get you really excited. If you meet someone and enter into a committed relationship, you should not necessarily stop using affirmations. Simply switch gears and affirm that the relationship is loving, respectful, fun, healing or any other positive description that has meaning to you. One of my favorite affirmations during dating is, "I am attracting an ideal partner to me." It is simple and gives trust in the universe for what would be best for me. If I am in a relationship, I love to say, "I am enjoying a deep and meaningful relationship with the man of my dreams."

Affirmations can be a fun and supportive addition to your toolbox of attracting and keeping a relationship. Practice them and enjoy giving a clear message to yourself and the universe. Go for your dreams and be consistent in your use of this tool. You deserve a great relationship!

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