3 Secrets On How To Easily Meet GOOD Men In Real Life

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3 How To Meet Men Offline EASILY Secrets

Offline dating has its advantages. Here's how to make it work for you.

Maybe you're tired of swiping and being swiped past. First, it goes nowhere. Second, the guys you meet just can't seem to get it together.

Before you give up hope, let's take a moment and go old-school. Here's 3 ways to easily meet good men offline:

1. Go old-school. 

When I say old school, I mean it: Classes, workshops, events, and places where you're learning something.

The best way to meet a new guy is in neutral territory. Classes allow you to get to know a guy without the pressure of dating him.

2. Ask your guy friends to introduce you to their guy friends.

When someone introduces you, it gives you instant credibility.

The best thing to do is to get a guy to introduce you to another guy. As men, we understand if a guy introduces us to a woman: she's available.

3. Ask a guy for help. 

This works really well and it doesn't even matter what you say.

It's as simple as, "Do you know how to...?" or "Do you know where is...?" fill in the blank.

Don't underestimate how effective this is. As a man, I can tell you it works all the time. When you nonchalantly open a conversation, a man will step into it.

What makes these 3 strategies so effective is that they aren't trying-too-hard. You're simply going about your life and meeting men. I call it "strategic spontaneity."

Men love to meet a woman they didn't even see coming. It makes him think that meeting you was his idea. When this happens, he'll take over from there.

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