How Do Men Really Feel About Bisexuality?

How can a man compete with a gender with which they do not share the same body parts?

A woman can never truly sexually compete with a man. There is no way she can recreate with a sex toy, or any other foreign object, the intimate process that creates a life.

A woman will never be able to compete with or recreate the 4,000 pounds of pressure applied when a man is stroking up and down, round and round, in and out. It's the equivalent of trying to put a prosthetic leg in place of a real leg. Yes, it works, but it will still never have the feeling of a real leg naturally attached to one's body — the keyword being "naturally."

Two women having sex with each other in the middle of the night can perhaps create love and emotional bonds between the two; however, it will not naturally produce life. If all women dated women and all men dated men, the world population would cease to exist in a little more than 100 years. It is nature that shows you the true results of your actions. We're not saying it's right or wrong for women to be with women or men to be with men, but what we are saying is that if this behavior were dominant in our society, these very same men and women would have no one to bump and grind with in a very short period of time.

They would be dead from natural causes as much as from disease or anything else. Sodom and Gomorrah, from our Bible history, are a reflection of our modern-day society. In that story, God, or the universe, was displeased with our human behavior. We're not judging anyone. We believe in love. We believe that a world filled with love, even if it's men with men and women with women, is better than a world filled with war and hate. We'll take that deal any day.

As men, we are not concerned with sexually being able to compete with a woman.

The only real concerns are the mental challenges and confusion that result when confronting a woman who goes back and forth between men and women.

Question: As a man, how can you know she is satisfied with you?

Answer: How can a woman know if she is satisfied with herself?

As a man, I would never be interested in trying to satisfy a woman that wants to be with a woman. It's hard enough to satisfy a woman that wants to be with men, without adding the component of her also being interested in a relationship with women.

I don't believe that a woman that is bisexual can be satisfied by just one person. A man can never truly know if she is satisfied with him because her mind is divided. He may never know, because her mind is all over the place. She wants a man today and a woman tomorrow. Who wants to deal with that? Maybe bisexual men and women can date each other — that way their thoughts are equally yoked.

It used to be fun for a heterosexual man to date a bisexual woman, mainly because ...

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