Got Orgasms?


Distracted or frustrated with the lack of the "Big O"? Read on...

Simple tips to a Great Orgasm

O- Open your mind and be willing to experience something new.
R- Relax and forget the ‘to do list’. Set the mood and concentrate on your lover and yourself.
G- Get spontaneous. Who said you need marathon sex every time. QUICKIE!!!
A- Amaze yourself and put the extra effort into satisfying your partner. It may just make YOU hotter!
S- Showcase your best asset. Drive them wild at the very sight of you.
M- Masturbation. If you have no idea what makes you feel good. How will they?

Now, those tips may sound way too simple, right? For some, they are. You have tried all of those tips and more but still- nothing? It is time for some soul searching.

Are you not climaxing because you are not turned on? Having sex does not guarantee that you or your partner are hot enough to get off at the "O Town" exit! Are you doing something that is distracting and therefore the other person cannot concentrate on climaxing? Are they doing this to you? Are the kids knocking at the door and you two are desparately trying to cram in some "alone time"?

For some, there are no distractions, no knocking children, and no annoying habits that are throwing up the Orgasmic Roadblock. It. Just. Won't. Happen. Here is what you need to do initially.

At the very least, talk with your partner. Be open about the issue and see what they think. This is not the time for blame. Everyone wants to climax, right? That is the goal- nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes a partner thinks that 'their game' is all that and that you should have no problem reaching the big finish. Well, people are different and if 'that game' was what worked on the last partner, chances are they may need to learn about YOU and what makes YOU hot! Different strokes for different folks!!!

If the open lines of communication don't lead to anything more satisfying, a trip to your GP is in order. Many things can cause orgasm issues in men and women. Many medications that are used for the treatment of depression can stunt a persons ability to respond to their partner's advances, and diminish their ability to climax even if they are turned on. Abnormal hormone levels can also be the culprit. And sometimes it can be something more serious like an unresolved trauma in the past.

If there is no news from your GP, maybe spicing it up is in order. Try new things like adult toys, new/naughty lingerie, role playing, sex in unusual places or times, etc. Stimulating your Clitoris and your G Spot at the same time can lead to the more intense 'Blended Orgasm'. You may have had one if you drooled on your partner or felt like you went blind.  Switch it up and see what happens. You may just surprise yourself with the best orgasm you had in a while!

Just don't give up.