How To Plan A Great First Date


Where to go on your first date to make it a great experience.

There are numerous articles on dating advice for women that stress the importance of the first date. However, many of these may leave you wondering where you should go on a first date to make it successful.

Deciding where to go on your first date can be tricky because you don't know much about your date's preferences in entertainment or food. You want to go somewhere fun, but you still want to be able to talk.

Dinner and a movie is such a cliche when it comes to first dates. Just think about it, how can you really get to know each other if you're sitting in a dark, quiet theater?  Moreover, the movie you go see may or may not be any good, which could or could not be conducive to creating a memorable evening. Why chance it?

Likewise, you should not plan anything that involves your friends and/or family. First dates are not the time to meet these people. Finally, it's best to avoid sleazy or hole-in-the-wall bars. These are generally not the best setting for having fun and getting to know someone.  If you enjoy the bat scene, go to a bar or club that has a classy atmosphere, real food, and maybe some live jazz music.

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