From A Mans View: Is It Okay To Date 'Mr. Nice'?


Think you just keep running into the "wrong" men by accident? Here's why YOU are attracting them.

I go to this place called Cryro Healthcare in Los Angeles, Google it. I’m sure you'd get a kick out of it.

It gives you the chance to stand in a tank at 251 degrees below zero. It’s one of the coolest (literally) feelings I’ve ever had. In fact, if I were ever franchising something, it would be this. I think it’s going to be the rage because health-wise, I’ve never felt better. My aches and pains have gone, and I’m no longer stiff.

Anyway, there’s a rocking, kick-ass, amazing woman I meet there all the time. I was talking to her today, and she was asking what I did. I told her I give dating and relationship advice, and she started laughing.

“Oh, I’m on match.com.” She told me. “I’ve just been on my third date with a guy. He’s nice.”

Right away, I started thinking, another woman who’s dating Mr. Nice.

I asked her what she liked about him. She told me he always does and says the right things. Right away, I asked, “Do you mind if I’m blunt with you?”

“Fire away.” She said.

“Do you really want to f%$# “nice” and spend your life with “nice?” I asked.

She started laughing. By the way, if you ever run into me I warn you now the conversations are always blunt. I asked her more about this guy. How does he kiss? How is the sex?

She told me it was “Alright.”

"He could use some work" she said. Great, so ‘Mr. Nice’ is never going to kiss you or make love to you the way you need. Plain and simple! Let’s go deeper into this.

She’s 48, but honestly, I’d have said she looked 40. She told me she only likes to date guys her age because she doesn’t think younger guys will be interested. She’s created a story and now she’s convinced herself she can only date guys her age. This woman rocks. She looks amazing, and there’s no reason she can’t date whoever she wants. If she wanted to attract slightly younger guys, she could. Not all of them will work out, but some relationships with younger guys might.  

Your story is whatever you make it. The universe hears you story, and delivers what you tell it. As far as I’m concerned there are tons of men who will date women their own age, or older, especially women who look fantastic, and have a ton of energy. Lose your negative stories about what you can’t have, and tell a new story about what you can have.

The new story I want you to write is this…

No matter what age you're at, no matter what weight you're at, no matter who you are or what you're about, there are tons of men who want to date a woman like you. Lose the stories you create that are full of excuses. I want you to be excited about your life. Life is about being excited. Life is about being alive, alert and aspiring to achieve your dreams. Life is for you to enjoy! Telling yourself negative stories is just going to depress you!

Change your story, change your life, find love!