The Luckiest Day Of The Week For Each Zodiac Sign Starting July 8 - 14, 2024

Luck comes to those who plan for success.

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There is nothing wrong with taking the time to plan your next brilliant chapter or new career move. This isn’t the same as a delay or redirection. When you know you are at a crossroads in your life, you owe it to yourself to proceed carefully, focusing on what matters most to you. Try to slow down the anticipation you are feeling right now, reflect on the steps needed to move ahead, and whatever you do — always choose the option that will help you grow.


The week of July 8 carries a reminder that you must plan your next steps for growth as Jupiter in Gemini aligns with the North Node in Aries on Tuesday, July 9 — the same day asteroid Pallas stations direct in Scorpio. Jupiter and the North Node help you focus on expansion and growth to achieve your fate, just as Pallas direct brings a return of mental clarity and the ability to plan for success. 

Then, on Thursday, July 11, Venus returns to Leo, giving you just enough courage and boldness to be able to take those risks that change and the forward momentum required as you prepare to work with the First Quarter Moon in Libra on Saturday, July 13.


By believing in yourself but also taking time to plan, you will be able to make great strides in the week of July 8. This is your chance to feel as if you are seeing all the pieces of what you have been dreaming of set out in front of you. Now, you just need to arrange them with a bit of luck and boldness so that you can achieve the success that has been divinely meant for you!

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The luckiest day of the week for each zodiac sign from July 8 - 14, 2024


Luckiest Day: Tuesday, July 9


Lucky Theme: Grow Into Abundance

Okay, Aries, this is your time to embrace what feels hard and to rise as your best self. Be ready to challenge everything, including those self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in dead ends for years. 

Try to grow, embrace change, and call yourself out when you know you’re not acting in the ways that align with your goals. Part of doing that is also changing how you communicate. Let the energy of Jupiter in Gemini and the North Node in Aries on Tuesday, July 9, help you upgrade your life. Don’t keep ideas to yourself or simply wait to be offered that amazing new role. Instead, take charge of your destiny, believe in yourself, and make the moves you dream of.

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Luckiest Day: Tuesday, July 9

Lucky Theme: Capitalize On Your Dreams

It’s time to take all those intuitive ideas and big dreams and start putting them to work, Taurus. You’ve felt like you are being guided in a different direction in your career recently. This hasn’t felt all that comfortable, especially as you’ve put in a great deal of work to achieve what you thought you wanted. You must be amenable to change, so you must start capitalizing on your dreams. 

The lucky energy of Jupiter in Gemini and the North Node in Aries on Tuesday, July 9, can help revolutionize your career. Even if it’s a side business or freelance work, start figuring out how to get your foot in the door and make money on what you have been intuitively guided toward. You don’t need to feel like you’re jeopardizing your security to chase a dream, but instead, try to figure out how you can have both.


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Luckiest Day: Thursday, July 11

Lucky Theme: Money Talks

Your focus shifts to your finances as Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11. This is your chance to let money talk truly and to focus on how to increase your finances and build a greater sense of wealth. The key here is that real estate may figure heavily into this new financial security, so whether it’s buying, selling, or investing, you would be wise to focus your energy here. 

While Venus moves through Leo, you may also start to understand your truth worth, so any conversations regarding a promotion or bonus would be supported during this time, too. The most important aspect is to remember that you will get out what you put into this area of your life, so it truly will pay off in the end if you can embrace a more proactive approach.


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Luckiest Day: Tuesday, July 9

Lucky Theme: Follow Your Purpose

Take time to listen to the guidance you are receiving from your intuition, Cancer. As much as you’ve already seen positive developments in your career and feel more confident in achieving your success — there is still more work for you. 

When you are reflecting on your professional life, make sure that you are also thinking about your purpose because this energy is more than just a higher paycheck. You have a divine gift to share with the world. As Jupiter and the North Node align on Tuesday, July 9, you will receive wisdom on how to start embracing it. Don’t discount any idea as frivolous or far-fetched; instead, slow down your process and plan for the life you are dreaming of.


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Luckiest Day: Saturday, July 13

Lucky Theme: Plan Your Next Steps

There is a tentativeness to the energy this week, Leo, as you are trying not just to charge ahead but to slow down and plan your next steps. The First Quarter Moon in Libra on Saturday, July 13, will invite you to prepare for the new beginning that you have been wanting. Whether this is in your career or personal life, what you do this week will have far-reaching effects. 

As much as you are starting to feel empowered with planets Mercury and Venus returning to your zodiac sign, try to moderate any rash decisions by realizing that the more you take your time and plan these next steps, the more luck you will attract into your life.


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Luckiest Day: Saturday, July 13

Lucky Theme: Taking Care Of Details

You will excel in this week’s energy, Virgo, because it’s all about taking care of details. As the First Quarter Moon in Libra rises on Saturday, July 13, you will be encouraged to review your financial details. While this includes reflecting on what is going out versus what is coming in, along with any debts, it also encourages you to make a long-term plan for the wealth you want to attract. 

By tending to the details and working with what you actually have, you will be radiating an energy of responsibility, which the universe always responds to. Try to set aside some time to review your books, and then look into ways to expand into some passive income so that you can feel confident you are working for what it is you actually want.


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Luckiest Day: Tuesday, July 9

Lucky Theme: Clarity Returns

It can be challenging to make important decisions when you aren’t thinking clearly, Libra, but all that changes in the week of July 8. Asteroid Pallas stations direct on Tuesday, July 9, and helps you gain more insight into your finances and if you are truly moving in the ways that honor your worth. 

This is a chance to start making big moves in your life because you can more decisively say what aligns with your worth and what isn’t — while having a particular eye for money. Use this energy to take any big leaps of faith you’ve been pondering, especially if they involve a relocation, and start exploring more ways to bring in money. Expand the parameters of what you thought was possible, and start taking more chances on yourself.


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Luckiest Day: Thursday, July 11

Lucky Theme: Focus On Your Success

Everything is coming up positive for you, dear Scorpio, as Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11. No matter your doubts about your career or professional path, you must learn to redirect your thoughts to more positive outcomes. Venus in Leo will help bring greater success, financial wealth, and recognition to your career — along with a possible relocation for work matters. 

All of this is good news, yet it seems that you’ve had more fear than excitement recently. With Mercury and Venus now in this lucrative area of your life, it’s time to shed those negative doubts and start believing in everything turning out far better than you could have imagined. This is the moment to make those big career moves and to branch out from your comfort zone because you are only one choice away from the success you’ve been dreaming of.


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Luckiest Day: Thursday, July 11

Lucky Theme: New Horizons

While you often need to learn that not all that glitters is gold, Sagittarius, it seems that new horizons are beckoning to you in the week of July 8. Practice discernment, but let yourself start embracing the new as Venus returns to Leo on Thursday, July 11. This energy will help bring about financial abundance and spiritual gifts — so long as you choose to explore what is calling to you. 

Any travel, especially international, will be favored around this time because you will be gaining more than just stamps in your passport — but connections and knowledge that will help you understand more about what you want from life. This is all about a chapter of saying yes to life more and letting yourself learn what you want and who you are.


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Luckiest Day: Saturday, July 10

Lucky Theme: Take Your Time


There is no reason to rush right now, Capricorn. Instead, as the First Quarter Moon occurs in Libra on Saturday, July 13, you are being urged to focus on the steps to success, including proceeding slowly and carefully. As much as you usually have no problem taking your time, it feels like there’s been a bit of urgency around you recently that may have had to skip over important steps in your career or in setting up your own business.

Try to take time to reflect on how to create the most stable and abundant foundation you can, and don’t be afraid to go back over certain details or matters because it will all end up being for your benefit. You can see your goal more clearly than before, but it doesn’t mean you need to rush to get there; keep your pace and double-check your steps.

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Luckiest Day: Tuesday, July 9


Lucky Theme: It’s Time

You are continually transforming, dear Aquarius, especially in your career, and you wouldn’t want to have it any other way. While you’ve felt that professional changes would come to your life, there’s been a great deal of uncertainty about what that would look like or when it would arrive. There’s been movement recently, and likely an offer, that is helping you see the path ahead with greater clarity and confidence. 

As Pallas stations direct in Scorpio on Tuesday, July 9, this is your chance to seize this new opportunity or role in your career. Trust yourself and your intuition on where you’re being guided. It doesn’t mean this has to be the pinnacle of your professional goals, but it is important to honor the importance of this next step.

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Luckiest Day: Tuesday, July 9

Lucky Theme: Opportunity Abounds

You can’t only focus on your dreams, Pisces, but what it will take to make them a reality. Often, your dreams or visions for the future seem so grand that you can’t understand how you will get from point A to point b. While understanding and clarity don’t just happen, you will receive a boost as Pallas stations direct in Scorpio on Tuesday, July 9. 

This energy helps you to think through matters, especially concerning how to make your dreams a reality more easily and with greater focus. While Pallas direct may also signal a time to travel and experience life, it also helps set you up to plan for the life you want to live. 


Try to find a balance between enjoying what you’ve already created and still focusing on what you want to bring to fruition. This energy is magical for you and lets you transform your life to attract greater success and help you become your most authentic self.

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