July 2024 Love Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs

It's a month of love and heartfelt pleasures.

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July 2024 love horoscopes are here, influenced by Neptune retrograde, a New Moon in loving Cancer followed by a second Full Moon in Capricorn in just one month.

Firstly, with Neptune retrograde in Pisces beginning on July 2, the collective experience in romance will suddenly shift to a more introverted expression. Grand gestures will not be appreciated if they don't have significant planning and deep thought accompanying them. Just watch out for what comes out of your psyche during the month! Old wounds may surface so you can clear them and heal yourself.


We do have something good to look forward to on July 5 — the New Moon in Cancer on this day will open a window for heartfelt manifestations. In love, you will benefit from using this to make long-term wishes that will ultimately bring peace and satisfaction to your soul. Home is where the heart is!


Finally, we wrap up the month in love on July 21 with the Full Moon in Capricorn, which will allow us to strike the right balance between things we do for ourselves and things we do for others. If you lean more in one direction or the other, now's the time to change that before you endanger yourself or push away your true love because of emotional unavailability. 

Now let's take a look at the July 2024 love horoscopes for every zodiac sign.


Key to Love: Sunrises and sunsets

Aries, love cannot thrive when there is competition between partners. That defeats the purpose of coming together and drawing from each other's strengths to build something beautiful that's greater than the sum of its parts. 

Instead, if you find yourself constantly having to fight for resources or even basic respect and consideration, it's a sign you are with a karmic lover and need to move on. How can you find your true love if false love is taking up all the space? 


Take it slow, but choose yourself. Working with Rose Quartz can definitely help you find inner compassion and peace.

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Key to Love: Sweet nothings

Taurus, you shine bright when you find the right circumstances and people. The runner-chaser dynamic can feel emotionally gratifying, but in the long run, it will make you feel burned out and unsure of your self-worth. 

Find your footing this month and you will realize that you don't have to settle for less in love. You can manifest your true love if you choose to. That's your gift with Venus as your ruler and the current astrological energies aligned in your favor.


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Key to Love: Routines

Gemini, the energy of love in July for you is all about recognizing what you truly want in love. If you are single and your heart craves some solitude and peace, perhaps even the space to heal from past experiences, then give that to yourself. Sometimes one needs to take a few steps back to move forward in a significant way.

If you are in a relationship, allow your natural curiosity and creativity to take the reins. You will find utter joy in the grand adventures you embark on. Just make sure to balance this with the more mundane routines and responsibilities — the right balance will lead you in the right direction.


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Key to Love: Spontaneous affection

Cancer, you are the cosmic favorite child in July in matters of the heart (or one of them, at least). Nothing you do now can go wrong — after all, Cancer placements and transits are heavy this month, so it's all in your favor. 

Just know that you can either channel this good luck where you need it the most or squander it in the wrong places by getting distracted. So choose the kind of love love that truly lifts you up and feels like home. 

Don't chase after those who cannot see your worth or subtly create drama and toxicity. Working with Clear Quartz can bring you clarity in this regard, as can writing down your dreams in a dream journal and then deciphering the symbols later.


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Key to Love: Kind words

“All hands on deck!” That's the message in love for you in July, Leo. If you want your love life to be extraordinary, you need to live like you are extraordinary. That means no more hiding behind others or changing your opinions because of peer pressure. 

Live true to yourself in every sense, whether it's your dressing style, speech pattern, interests, hobbies, etc. You will attract your soul tribe that way — and one of them could be your true love. 

Journaling and scrapbooking are some excellent tools to envision the love you truly want and then make space for it. This message is for both single Leos and those in a relationship who feel they may be with the wrong person.


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Key to Love: Heart-to-hearts

Virgo, kindness will win hearts in July. But this message is not just for your love life. After all, you never know where love may bloom and through which pathways and grapevines it may find its way to you. So strike the right balance between your everyday self and the more extroverted version who takes proactive steps to make love bloom in their life. That will create the right pace and prevent fear from causing anxiety. 

Whether you are single or not, this message will help you be true to yourself yet leave room for growth and interest in the other person and their hobbies. Deep heart-to-heart conversations are also indicated for you this month as your ticket to success in love.


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Key to Love: Phone calls

Libra, the world will be at your feet when you realize you don't need to shrink yourself to fit in. The energy of love in July for you is all about walking away from situations that take too much out of you without giving you even a fraction of that love and care in return. 

Don't mold yourself into someone's vision of perfection because that will break two hearts — yours, as you try to lie to yourself, and the heart of your true love who would never require “perfection” from you since you will be perfect in their eyes already. 

Meditating with a blue crystal of your choice, like Blue Aragonite, Larimar, or Aquamarine, will help you understand this message better and align yourself with it deep within.


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Key to Love: Dancing

Scorpio, the month of July calls on you to revolutionize your love life. Call it a romantic revolution, if you will, but the end result will be a shedding of beliefs that hold you back from experiencing the deepest form of love and companionship. 

If you feel called to, working with a therapist to heal inner child wounds and relationship traumas from your past is an excellent way to kick off this romantic revolution. After all, why should you wallow in misery and unsatisfying love? Be your own best friend and choose yourself first in love and then watch as the universe conspires to bring you the one who will choose you too. Dancing can be extremely cathartic and freeing for you this month in this respect.


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Key to Love: Taking it slow

Sagittarius, the energy of love in July for you is all about contemplation, silence, and taking it slow. If you are single, you are urged to focus on self-love first and make sure you are showing care to yourself through all areas of life. 

If you are in a relationship, you are urged to strike the right balance between going with the flow when your significant other suggests something and then suggesting an activity yourself on a different day. If the latter scares you, ask yourself why. True love will always want you to enjoy yourself and allow them to experience your hobbies and interests too, just as you are sharing theirs. That's your quest in love this month.


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Key to Love: Telepathy

Capricorn, open your eyes and take in a deep breath— this is your key to love in July. Every time you find yourself spiraling with anxiety in a romantic situation or before a date, do this to ground yourself. Keep breathing until you feel okay. 


You will suddenly realize that you can understand your partner (or date) much better. Your ability to read between the lines will suddenly become super strong too, almost as if you are telepathically bonded. When anxiety strikes you again, breathe once more, and then again and again until you reach this state. Practice makes perfect!

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Key to Love: Kindness

Aquarius, the energy of love for you in July is all about being kind and recognizing that you are more than what you give yourself credit for. Forget about the stereotypes around the Aquarius zodiac sign. Your birth chart will reveal that there's more to you. 


For most of you, your birth moon sign will prevail this month, so find out what it is. If you align yourself in its natural manifestation, love will flow more easily to you and into your life. This includes both romantic love and platonic. If you like working with crystals, wear an Obsidian pendant this month to help you protect your energy from toxic influences.

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Key to Love: Heroism

Pisces, the canvas is before you. What will you paint on it? That's the theme in love for you in July. You often go with the flow in life and allow the collective to lead you to the best pastures and hunting grounds, but you are urged to try something different this month. 


Drive yourself where you want and find love in the hidden places you have always wished to explore. You are encouraged to let your creative side take over. After all, love can be found in the queue within a coffee shop just as easily as at a cosplay convention or a YouTube meet-and-greet. Why be pedestrian if you don't that in love?

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