July 2024 One-Card Tarot Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

A month of great reckonings.

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We have Five of Cups and Ten of Swords starting the July 2024 tarot horoscope. As doom-and-gloom messengers, these cards have a distinct warning for the collective. If you don't take care of your mental health (and physical/emotional health), no one else will. Everything else comes second... because how can they not? 

The Sun adds weight to this message by reminding us that our body is our soul's home. You cannot shine to your greatest capacity if you are eclipsed by old wounds, recurring memories, trauma responses, and so on. Working with a therapist is definitely highlighted here with The Hierophant. But meditation can help you find holistic health and be grounded within too. 


Now let's take a look at the July 2024 tarot horoscope for every zodiac sign.

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Tarot card of the month: The Lovers

Area of good luck: Personal finance

Aries, you have an incredible major arcana tarot card representing the energy of July for you. You got The Lovers — a card of love and also choices. So what choices will you make this month? How will you take charge of your life and beat back the competition to the medal of gold? That's what you need to think about right now. 


Wherever you focus your energies, that path will become brighter and more well-defined, allowing you to create a masterpiece. Don't scatter yourself every which way. You are also encouraged to pay special attention to your personal finances this month. It's entwined with this next chapter of your life.

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Tarot card of the month: Three of Cups

Area of good luck: Holistic growth

Taurus, you have the Three of Cups depicting the energy of July for you. That means this month will be all about love, close interpersonal relationships, and beautiful energy exchanges for you. Whether with friends, loved ones, and acquaintances or total strangers, as long as you lean into the energy of camaraderie and open-heartedness, you will strike gold. 


Just make sure not to ignore red flags! After all, this message is not a free-for-all encouraging you to allow energy vampires into your life. It's urging you to prioritize the blessing of community and good relationships. Everything else will fall into place eventually.

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Tarot card of the month: Eight of Swords

Area of good luck: Silence

Gemini, sometimes to move forward five steps, one needs to first take three backward. That's the message for you for July, as per the Eight of Swords. Let go of the unnecessary burdens and baggage you are carrying within your subconscious mind. Set yourself free from that unconscious pain and discomfort. 


This may sound like a trifling message, but it is not. It will require deep commitment and determination on your part so you don't choose to blindfold yourself to what's hurting your soul deep within. Working with a therapist and choosing introversion and introspection is definitely indicated here.

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Tarot card of the month: Death

Area of good luck: Sentiments

Cancer, you will experience the highest of the highs in July — and sometimes the lowest of the lows. That's the message of the Death tarot card for you. You are being prepared for a big transition into a new chapter of life. These highs and lows will allow you to keep what you need and get rid of what's holding you back. 


Maintain a journal of your thoughts this month. It will allow you to be more observant and mindful as you go about your days. That will, in turn, enable you to make these choices of what to keep and what to let go. 

Just remember: what's one person's trash is another's treasure. So don't rely on other people's opinions too much. Trust the final verdict that emerges from within your soul. You've got this.

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Tarot card of the month: King of Wands

Area of good luck: Victory

Leo, you are about to yell from the rooftops in pure joy and celebration. That's in store for in July, as per the King of Wands. All your hard work and determination is coming to a head now. No one can stop you from receiving what is yours. You won't let them get in the way. 


So be strong, be confident, and be yourself. Victory is yours because you deserve it. Just make sure you don't start running after a new goal immediately after you win. Give yourself the space to celebrate so the truth can sink in. Don't let your anxieties win. Breathe in, and breathe out.

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Tarot card of the month: King of Swords

Area of good luck: Inner peace

Virgo, you are the metaphorical golden child in July. With the King of Swords here, your intellect will be razor-sharp and efficient, thus ensuring your success in all your endeavors. As long as you nurture inner peace, you will be able to utilize this power within you to the best of your abilities without getting distracted or unsure. 


Meditation or a daily practice of focused breathing early in the morning (as soon as you wake up) can definitely help with this. It will help you nurture your emotional intelligence too.

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Tarot card of the month: Justice

Area of good luck: Tranquil dreams

Libra, you couldn't have gotten a better tarot card this month! Justice is quintessentially Libran in nature within the tarot deck. So the presence of this card is a sign that you are about to be the biggest mover and shaker around. 

Don't let the naysayers worm into your mind and fill it with doubts. Drop the stereotypes about Libra being indecisive too. It's not indecision but the drive to have the full picture so no one can use you like a pawn in their game without your knowledge. Justice is here to set the score straight this month. If you lean into this energy, tranquility and peace will reign supreme.


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Tarot card of the month: Seven of Swords

Area of good luck: Contemplation

Scorpio, your tarot card for July is the Seven of Swords, and it's here to caution you against people who may push you down the wrong path just for fun. The days may feel a bit fraught sometimes with an undercurrent of distrust and danger, but as long as you rely on your excellent intuition and don't ignore red flags, you will emerge on top no matter what. 

You are encouraged to choose your social events more wisely too this month. If you feel called to, introspect more often. The intuitive nudges will bloom into nuggets of wisdom if you create that space.


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Tarot card of the month: Temperance

Area of good luck: Stillness

Sagittarius, don't let anyone tell you that you are not capable of accomplishing something. You are more capable than they know. You are more capable than you know! Growth and transformation are the words of the month for you, and patience will help you conquer them all. 

You are allowed to feel what you feel and pace yourself as is right for you. Whether in love or other areas of life, trust that inner counsel so you don't allow peer pressure to have too much of a hold on you. You will benefit from establishing a daily or weekly practice of contemplation and meditation this month too.


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Tarot card of the month: King of Swords

Area of good luck: Steadiness


Capricorn, the King of Swords is here to tell you that no one can stop you if you don't sabotage yourself first. There's a fine line between gathering information and becoming paralyzed by what you know. You are urged to be brave and take tiny steps forward throughout the month. It will get easier to take the next few steps once you get going. 

Those who struggle with anxiety are encouraged to find rituals and practices that help them overcome it. Focused breathing is definitely one of them. Choose what appeals to you and works for you.

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Tarot card of the month: Knight of Pentacles


Area of good luck: Vigor

Aquarius, the month of July will be all about recognizing your power and what you can do with your resources. If you have significant wealth, you are now astrologically primed to conquer all your goals and start a new business too if that was in the works. 

But this is not about the quantity of what you possess. It's about knowing what to do with what you have. That will make all the difference in the end. Stay focused and stay light on your feet and you will be golden.

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Tarot card of the month: King of Cups

Area of good luck: Heartfelt actions


Pisces, you are more powerful than you realize, no matter what you look like on the outside and what the people around you may say. Humans have a habit of surprising each other with their resourcefulness and ingenuity. Why not you? That's the message of the King of Cups for you. 

Don't dismiss your gifts and talents because someone else doesn't value them. If we allowed such beliefs to proliferate, there would be no doctors, engineers, DJs, marketing specialists, chefs, tailors, and so on. Ground yourself within and trust your inner voice. Growth is the name of the game and you will grow too. What can stop you?

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