4 Zodiac Signs Receive Much-Needed Signs From The Universe In July 2024

The month of July brings in a lot of changes, and four signs are urged to heed the messages from the universe.

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The month of July brings in a lot of changes, a prelude to some challenging transits in August. Four zodiac signs will feel potent effects from these transits, receiving much-needed messages from the universe.

The month begins with a Neptune retrograde on the 2nd and then Mercury enters Leo on the same day. The New Moon in Cancer on July 5th will be a period of emotional awareness and reflection. Venus enters Leo on the 11th, bringing much-needed fire energy to the table, a time where we can feel a lot more empowered to express and cheer ourselves on. 


Mars will enter Gemini on the 20th, adding more mutable energy that will help these signs seek victory. The second Full Moon in Capricorn will occur on July 21st, another period where we can reflect on our relationship with power and control. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and Mercury will be in domicile in the sign of Virgo beginning on the 25th. 

4 zodiac signs receive much-needed signs from the universe in July 2024

The signs below will need to learn to listen to the messages from certain transits before Leo season begins.


1. Aries

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The planets in the sign of Cancer early in the month are a sign to relax and be more methodical about the moves you make. You have a lot of power but it's time to channel the energy in a different way that helps you feel balanced and recharged. 

The concentration of planets in water signs will also have you focused on emotional healing while the New Moon in Cancer on the 5th will have you focus on home. It can feel jarring, but you need to learn how to slow down if you want to have continued success in your career. 


As a sign that prefers to go full speed ahead, the Saturn retrograde on June 29th will push you to experience life through your emotional lenses. Before we enter the magic and power of Leo season, you need to learn how to add grounding and calming energy before you can continue to reach for the stars.

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2. Capricorn

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The New Moon on the 5th will bring how you have taken care of your relationships to attention, specifically whether you have been there for the people you love. A period of analysis and being honest with yourself begins this month. With two Full Moons in your sign this year, the message can feel loud and clear that it is time to take more accountability for your actions. 

The Full Moon on the 21st will allow you to reflect on what you uncovered seven months ago when the New Moon was in your sign. Cancer season is not only allowing you to focus on your partnerships but also nourishing your independent side. 

As a Cardinal sign that can become obsessive with achievements and success, you are now being asked to consider what is best for you and listen to your body as your ruler Saturn stations retrograde on the 29th.

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3. Aquarius

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The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th will be a sign to be more open to emotional transparency. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions during Cancer season. It is your time to develop a stronger emotional relationship with your partner right before the Sun enters Leo and transits your relationship house. 

The Moon will oppose Pluto on the 8th, adding more opportunities to elevate your relationships as long as you put in the work for personal healing. Being more honest with friends or even a close partner will help you develop intense bonds with them. 


The time now also brings the focus on your 12th house with the New Moon in Capricorn allowing you to once again reconnect with your dreams. Although this can feel like a challenging transit, the Full Moon will enable you to close chapters before entering your sign. When the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, you will experience fruitful connections and a time to focus on your objectives.

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4. Scorpio

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Your ruling planet Mars will be in your partnership house at the beginning of the month, which can cause some conflicts in your relationships if you are not here to compromise. The same themes will repeat with the Moon in Leo opposing Pluto on the 8th. Listen to your friends or partners and learn to see all sides of the equation.

Having your ruler in the sign of Gemini beginning on the 20th can be a recipe for some frustration. Nevertheless, you are able to take charge at school or work because Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all be in Leo during this month. 

While everyone will be able to see you, you will still feel that you are hidden since Mars in Gemini will be challenging. But, you are a sign that understands the value of patience and hard work, so you will thrive as long as you aren’t pressured to sprint ahead. The mantra for this month is to go steady and make sure to finish the race without rushing ahead.


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