3 Simple Ways To Become An Extremely Intuitive Person

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Are you struggling with opposing voices in your head, some giving you uplifting and positive advice, and some digging painful holes in your already tentative self-worth? And are you wondering which voice you should follow?

Understanding how intuition works, what it IS and IS NOT, can make life a whole lot simpler. So, what is intuition exactly?

Intuition is the faculty of knowing or understanding something immediately, without reasoning or proof. It can also be described as a hunch, sixth sense, instinct, or clairvoyance.

All of us have the ability to be intuitive, but society has taught us to look for answers outside of ourselves. In fact, from our earliest age we were taught to follow the rules and advice of others: As little children, we follow the advice of our parents.

Later on, when we enter school, we are subject to the teacher’s rules and demands, and looking for answers on the inside is rarely part of the curriculum. After graduation, we move into the job force, where our employers tell us what to do.

To compound things, our society values science and reason. Intuitive messages are often hard to defend. We may have a hunch that a relationship we are about to enter is not good for us; however, since there is no hard evidence to prove this hunch, we disregard it and enter the relationship despite the hunch.

So the fact that we are not generally in touch with our intuitive abilities and don't tend to follow our intuition is no surprise.

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3 Simple Ways To Become An Extremely Intuitive Person

1. Become quiet.

Choose activities that allow you to become still. Our lives are often so overwhelmingly busy and loud, that hearing a small voice inside is not exactly easy. The more you can create quiet in your life, through activities such as meditation, prayer, yoga, etc. the more you invite your intuition back into your life.

2. Trust that you have an inner guidance system that is supportive.

Through the years of conditioning, we hardly trust ourselves. We don’t believe that any kind of information we access from within has value. When we do receive intuitive messages we tend to be startled and not know what to make of them.  Start listening to the messages and sit with them. Observe what happens when you follow them.

3. Distinguish between intuition and limiting beliefs.

Not sure how to tell the difference? Download my cheat sheet on distinguishing between intuitive messages and limiting beliefs. 

Intuitive hits are generally coming out of nowhere. They are often unrelated to the activity you are engaged in. They also feel neutral and supportive.

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So for example, you may be walking outside in the sunshine, thinking about a new dinner recipe, and all of a sudden you get the message that it’s time to leave your partner. You have no idea why this showed up. You weren’t angry with your partner that day. The message showed up in a neutral tone. It’s simple advice.

Limiting beliefs are generally connected to what’s going on in the present moment.

So, say you were in a fight with your partner. You are hurt, angry, and upset. You are thinking that you should leave this relationship. Consequently, you follow your thoughts down a deep, dark rabbit hole, feeling worse and worse.  This limiting belief tells you that leaving a partner is going to be a horrible experience and that only pain awaits you. A limiting belief holds an emotional charge and often feels full of doubt.

Where it gets tricky, is that while intuitive messages are neutral, we have a tendency to respond to them with fear.  When we hear that we should leave our partner, we ask “why?” We can question the advice and bring fear to it. We can also be afraid that our friends will think we are crazy for following this message.

So when you are not sure whether you are dealing with an intuitive hit or a limiting belief, then get quiet and examine: Was the fear attached to it from the beginning, or did you bring it to it, once you heard the message?

Once you understand the difference, it will become easier to tap into your intuition and start becoming a more intuitive person. That's one of the secrets to a happier, more fulfilling life!

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Selina Schuh is an educator, author, speaker, and owner of Empowered Living Strategies