How To Manifest Money

You have to first believe you will have financial success and then money will come your way.

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Manifesting money is all about telling the universe that you'll receive abundance in the future.

With money manifestation, you're telling the universe that you believe in yourself and that you will succeed, earn money, and be successful in your career.

The number one thing holding people back from manifesting money is not believing in themselves and that money will come to them. You have to first believe you will have financial success before the money will come your way.


According to Accountability and Leadership Coach Christine Hourd, manifesting money requires a mindset shift from noticing what you’re lacking to appreciating the abundance you have in your life.

"As you notice more of what you have, by creating a list of five things to be grateful for each day, you’ll begin to notice more opportunities to attract money," she explains. "People become more drawn to you and you’ll start to see more instances of money flowing in.”

Once you believe in yourself you can try different methods of manifesting money.

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How to Manifest Money — 9 Powerful Money Manifestation Techniques

1. Let go of limiting beliefs and make manifesting money a game.

The Law of Attraction is all about first believing inwardly that you already have abundance so your frequency is reaches a vibration at which you will continue to attract more money.

Ditching limiting beliefs, such as money can't buy happiness or that money doesn't grow on trees, is the first step. Instead, see money for how it really is: an accessible, unlimited supply of wealth that you can use in whatever way you want.

To make money manifestation even easier, Abraham Hicks created a game that helps you visualize and put momentum behind your manifestation by approaching it with a positive mindset.

To play, put a sum of money in your pocket and keep it there. Instead of spending it physically, spend it mentally by thinking about all of the things you theoretically could buy with it. This allows you to feel "the freedom of what it feels like to have prosperity in your 'now' fingertips."


This increases the vibration of that thought and feeling, which in turn attracts more of it to you because, according to the Law of Attraction, you are rewarded by the universe for your gratitude and positive attitude.

2. The 333 Method

Ronnie Ryan, a Love and Cosmic coach says that her favorite method of manifestation is a 3-day process called the 333 method.

"You write what you want in affirmation form, which is a positive statement in present tense language as if it's happening now or already happened," Ryan explains. For example, if you have a $500 debt that you need to pay off, you could write, "I am grateful for manifesting an extra $500 into my life, which has allowed me to pay off my debt and help me feel abundant and stress-free.”

"Once you have crafted the affirmation, then spend time feeling what your success will be like," Ryan continues. "The feeling is the manifesting fuel."


But the method doesn't stop there.

"Then write the affirmation 33 times each day for three days straight, and be sure to feel your success while doing this exercise," Ryan explains. "I recommend starting with a smaller amount and building up. For example, try manifesting $100 or $500 before you go for $10,000. Gaining positive experience helps you believe even more that manifesting is completely possible!"

The most important part of this method is making sure that you write in the present tense (as if it already happened) and make sure it projects gratitude.

3. Use crystals to manifest money.

Crystals have special powers that help protect, heal, or attract certain things into your life like love, money, and happiness.


Crystals commonly used to attract money are orange citrine and pyrite.

Pyrite, also known as fools gold, is a beautiful black and cold crystal. Orange Citrine is a beautiful bright orange that has a transparent variety of quartz and high clarity and durability.

According to Keya Murthy, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach, when manifesting using crystals, "You will need 8 crystals to be placed in a circle pointing inwards like the dial of a clock. In the center of the circle place a picture or letter written in words describing what you need money for. It should be kept in a sacred place away from the stray sight of anyone else."

Once your grid is in place, "visit your grid as often as you want. Meditate in front of it. Offer it light, flowers, incense, or anything you feel to feed it with, and always with love," says Murthy. "Slowly, whatever your request is will begin to manifest."


When using crystals, don’t forget to rinse them underwater and remember to charge them every month, preferably under a new moon in order to maximize their power.

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4. Use the TikTok Money Mantra.

A TikTok by King Soon went viral on TikTok as a "money curse breaker."



According to the TikTok, you can manifest money by holding four pennies together and shaking them in your hand while singing this mantra:


“Ching ching ching goes the money tree / And every time it ching money comes to me

It all flows in so abundantly / From the top, left, right, and up under me

Wave wave wave I’m a money wave / Money flow money flow money made/p>

Flowing in and out plus money saved / Debt debt debt all debt is paid”

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5. Recite money affirmations.

Reciting money affirmations is a powerful way to put into the universe that you will receive money and feel abundant.

With money affirmations, you first have to change your mindset and let yourself believe that you are worthy of the success and wealth you desire.


You then have to visualize the money and get into an abundance mindset, believing that money will come towards you and visualize yourself happy and fulfilled.

Then you are ready to repeat money affirmations.

The most powerful affirmations that can help you move towards your dreams include these:

  • "Wealth constantly flows into my life."
  • "I am a money magnet."
  • "There are no limits to the amount of money I can make."
  • "I attract money on a daily basis."
  • "I am financially abundant."

According to Stacey Bremner, marriage and couples counselor, focusing on your mental health and feeling happy and content every day should also be a part of your practice.


"Trusting that our desires are heard and being worked on is primary, as results can take many months to appear sometimes," Bremner says. "The fun is in the surprise too! The universe never fails to surprise me in the creative and unexpected ways that my manifestations occur."

6. The 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 Manifestation Method is based on the significance of the sacred numbers 3, 6, and 9, which are also known as a key to the universe.

There are a few ways to employ this method, with one of the easiest being just three steps:

Step 1. Write your focus 3 times.

Step 2. Write your intention 6 times.

Step 3. Write the specific action you want to manifest 9 times.


In this case your, focus would be money, your intention is to receive more, and the action is money being deposited into your bank account.

7. 5x55 Manifestation Method

The 5x55 manifestation technique works similar to the ones mentioned before.

When performing this technique you have to stay focused only on your request and center your mind. Make sure you're focusing on manifesting more wealth into your life.

The 5x55 manifestation method works by writing down what you want to manifest 55 times for 5 days.

If you keep seeing repeating angel numbers like 111, 222, 333, or 1111 after you have started the method then your manifestation is super close to becoming yours.


8. The Water Manifestation Technique

The water manifestation technique claims to help you manifest money, career, success, texts, health and healing, etc.

For the water manifestation technique, you need two cups and follow the following steps.

1. Fill the first cup with water and label it with your current reality, so if you were to manifest money, write how much money you currently have in your bank account. The second cup is empty and you can label it with your desired reality.


2. Then you take your current reality cup and hold it in your hand. Focus for a while on the emotion of already having your desire.

3. Then pour the content of that cup into the desired reality cup and drink it while thinking about your desire.

The whole process should only take about 3 minutes to complete and works wonders.

9. The 10-10-10 Worksheet Manifestation Method

The 10-10-10 worksheet method puts you back in a positive mindset and helps you focus on your goals for the future.

1. Get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

2. Make three lists, each numbered one through ten.

3. On the first list, write ten things you desire the most.

4. On the second list, write down ten things you currently have that you are grateful for.


5. On the third and last list, write the top ten things you enjoy doing, and it can be anything from hobbies to mundane activities.

You can use this method in order to put yourself in a positive mindset about money and then the universe will help get you there.

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