5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Overcome Obstacles In July 2024

Take time to build a love that will last forever.

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For the five zodiac signs whose relationships overcome obstacles in July 2024, the month begins with a focus on going within and reevaluating what motivates your choices in your romantic life as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on Tuesday, July 2. 

Neptune retrograde, which occurs each year for approximately six months, is a time to focus on what is real versus illusions or wounds that may cloud your judgment. This allows you to honor the truth while also feeling greater optimism to build what you dream of for your relationship, which helps because only what is based in reality will continue to improve and grow.

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As you are called to see any differences between what is real and what is not, Mercury, the planet of communication, makes two different moves in July, first moving into Leo on Tuesday, July 2 and then into Virgo on Thursday, July 25. 


Mercury can help you delve further into deeper issues or even topics in your relationship and may help clear up any lingering questions about situationships. Focus on simply expressing your truth, being bolder in how you communicate and letting yourself say what you want for your future. The clearer and more direct you can be, then the more likely you’ll see a positive outcome in your relationship.

The Cancer New Moon on Friday, July 5 and Mars’ move into Gemini on Saturday, July 20, bring about new beginnings, and your chance to reimagine your relationship through quick thinking and the ability to problem solve. While Mars in Gemini may bring more logical thinking, you will have enough clarity and sensitivity to be able to know what it is you need to build that relationship that can last forever. 

Focus more on your long-term desires for your romantic life in July 2024, especially those involving commitment or marriage, as you are going to be given all the tools to not just improve your relationship but genuinely plan a life together. There is no rush though, so any decisions shouldn’t spur from fear or anxiety but instead a true knowing that taking your time only helps to build a connection that will last forever.

5 zodiac signs whose relationships overcome obstacles in July 2024

1. Aquarius

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There has been a lot on your mind recently, Aquarius, and while you’ve tried to open up to your partner, it hasn’t felt like you’ve actually been able to make your point. You want a deeper level of clarity in your relationship, not just about the future, but certain issues that have come to feel carry great weight in your connection. 

This is not an end-to-all-be-all situation, even though at times you’ve wondered if you will be able to make it last. But the longer you wait to talk about what has been bothering you, the more disconnected you will feel from your partner. Instead of simply taking a step back and seeing what they do, create time for a direct and honest conversation because that is the only way you will be able to finally put these issues behind you.

On Tuesday, July 2, Mercury will shift into Leo, helping you focus more on what you want to say and how you need to say it. Mercury can help you sort through your thoughts and express them with greater clarity — you just have to be mindful of having a quicker temper too. If you can plan out what you need to say and come ready for a conversation, then you can also control your emotions with more confidence knowing that anger or even shutting down isn’t going to help your relationship. 

Mercury shifts into Leo just as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, representing that these issues you have to express may very well have to do with whether you feel this connection honors your worth — or even if you feel truly valued by your partner. Take time to finally have the conversation you need, because talking honestly will create more space for love than simply taking a step back.


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2. Capricorn

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As July 2024 begins, there is a focus not only on communication but also changes that you want to create in your romantic life. Part of this is about you creating the time for your partner that you both are in need of.


While you wouldn’t necessarily describe matters in your relationship as bad, it does feel that the connection has become more routine than sparkle. And while routine is a part of a long-term relationship, it doesn’t mean either one of you can exist on autopilot. 

What you must remember is that if you want a deeper, more exciting, profound romantic connection, then you have just as much power to create it as your partner. But a core part of that includes making the time to actually invest in one another. Don’t be afraid to honor the power of love in your life, as it will only help to improve and deepen your relationship.

The Cancer New Moon on Friday, July 5 brings about a new beginning in your romantic life, Capricorn. If you are in an existing connection, this new beginning will carry greater intensity and meaning where you are able to finally honor the importance of someone special in your life. Suggest activities or even books you can read together, and don’t put off planning that romantic night out or whisking your partner away for the evening. Just because life is always happening doesn’t mean you should wait for a perfect time to invest in quality time with your partner. 

At the time of the Cancer New Moon, Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces with Mercury in Leo, giving you the power to share your deepest feelings and desires which holds the power to transform your relationship. You don't need to live life by the status quo or fear giving too much of your heart away. Just make space for love, let your partner know how important they are in your life, and embrace more of the unexpected moments for romance.


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3. Sagittarius

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You are often accused of having a wandering eye, and while it may take you a bit longer to commit, it’s not because you don’t desire one amazing love but because you want to experience it all in order to feel confident about what is right for you. You should feel free to explore different connections and possibilities, the only caveat being that you also need to ensure anyone you’re with or dating is fully aware of any choices you’re making.


But the other side of it is sometimes what you are searching for in other partners will actually only be found within yourself. There is a great big, beautiful world out there, and you should experience everything you can, but when you can first take that journey within, you may find any romantic questions suddenly seem like they no longer matter.

Mars will move into Gemini on Saturday, July 20 bringing clarity and a quick mind when it comes to your romantic decisions. Mars in Gemini will allow you to understand yourself and any challenges you’ve been experiencing in your relationship so that you can focus on how to actually problem-solve and get beyond the hurt. 

You may find yourself having to talk about the past, even involving matters that you thought were already cleared up. But the thing is even if your partner doesn’t bring them up all the time, it doesn’t mean thatthey don't still weigh heavy on them. 

Let yourself be more honest about not only all that has occurred in your relationship but also what choice you really want to make, dear Sagittarius. Oftentimes, the more you try to talk yourself into a certain path, the less it sticks. You won’t have to rationalize yourself into accepting what is meant for you, but to do that, you also need to be willing to not just see the truth but speak it as well.


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4. Pisces

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It’s not surprising that you are a romantic at heart. And while this is a natural part of who you are, you’ve also been trying to be more realistic and practical about how to attract and participate in a relationship. You're still feeling your way through this newfound perspective on love, though, as you also want to leave enough room for magic. Just because you’re trying to have a healthier and mature approach to love doesn’t mean there shouldn't be some sparks! 


It’s just about realizing that a big part of doing things differently is actually saying everything you’ve previously kept silent on. Instead of worrying about if speaking your feelings or boundaries will jeopardize a connection, see it as a filter system, where only those that are truly worthy will be able to get through.

July 2024 carries an interesting energy as Neptune is retrograde in your sign of Pisces, along with a great deal of Cancer energy for the first half of the month. This will help you have a more honest perspective about your relationship and bring about opportunities for a deeper commitment. 

But as Mercury shifts into Virgo on Thursday, July 25, all talks turn towards love, Pisces. Use this as a chance to simply bring up your boundaries, what you need from a relationship and bridge any of those moments when reality and fantasy overlap. As much as you previously imagined your way into true love, you now are hoping for a real love that is better than any dream. To create that though, don’t be afraid to speak honestly, to say exactly what it is you need and to articulate your feelings and what your nonnegotiable’s are. 

July is all about building what you want to last forever and that means that your words will carry more weight and hold the power to usher you into a brand-new level of love – and maybe even a proposal. 


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5. Libra

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As much as you are looking to rush headlong into the new, it doesn’t mean there still isn’t some healing you might need to do. Healing is a journey that begins when you want to start to do better, and truthfully never ends. There is no level of perfection to reach or even any point of completion. Once you start opening your eyes to healing, it’s like an onion peeling back its layers as there’s always more to learn — and always deeper to go. 

You have made some profound recent changes in your romantic life where you decided to stop accepting less than you want or deserve. This led to you beginning to reflect more on your own healing and those patterns and cycles you went through in your romantic life. But, as much as it might not have been easy, this new awareness will also allow you to start creating what isn’t only healthier but what you really want and deserve from love.

Asteroid Chiron will station retrograde in Aries on Friday, July 26, bringing any lingering themes of healing to the surface. While Chiron governs over wounds, emphasizing the power you have to heal, it doesn’t mean this transit will be easy. 

And while healing always creates space for greater love, in this case, with the North Node also in Aries, the ruler of your fate, there is a strong connection between these two themes. You are meant for an incredible awe-inspiring love, but you also need to ensure you’re healing what has really been responsible for those painful cycles and patterns in your relationships. 


During this time, you might even begin reflecting back to childhood and the relationships you had with your partners and how they have unconsciously dictated some of those relationship decisions you’ve been making. 

Lean into this healing dear Libra, because it’s what will allow you to open to newness and the possibilities for love currently surrounding you. This is your moment, not just for greater healing, but to actually learn how to have the relationship you’ve always desired.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.