8 Ways To Ask The Universe For Exactly What You Need (According To A Psychic)

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The Universe holds many choices that can lead us to love and miracles.

We get to choose where we want to live, how we want to feel and what we want to manifest.

If you are seeking new tools to design your dream life, this list will likely help. Prayer and astrology are the perfect blend to help you create a magical life.

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The recent Scorpio solar eclipse on October 25th truly impacted my life.

It takes a big cosmic shift for my emotions to swirl around and change course. This eclipse accomplished just that.

I began feeling the eclipse’s disruptive energy a couple days before it actually occurred. This was impacted by the torn-up ground, and restructuring of my home and landscaping.

I felt ungrounded.

It was as though I woke up to find my life unfolding in the Tower tarot card. Things were being destroyed, the Earth was churned up and walls had come down.

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I noticed where some daffodil bulbs had been pulled to the surface, no longer viable. Logically I know the tearing down needs to happen for restructuring.

I also know that the landscaping and remodel won’t last forever. The eclipse energy of Scorpio, the remodel and my desire for personal growth made an unforgettable package of transformation.

There was a sense of being exposed, much like the daffodil bulbs. What no longer fit in my life was being uprooted for all to see.

I was reminded of how we can work in unison with astrological energies. When we pull it off, we are able to the wave of the cosmic flow, powerful and unstoppable.

Combining prayer with the awareness of astrology can help us make huge personal transformations, with greater ease. I sometimes joke that my use of affirmative prayer during the New Moon is my superpower.

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The energy that is offered during the New Moon is some of my favorite. Each month I light a candle and write down my dreams on a piece of paper. I also notice the specific energy that each individual New Moon holds. Every morning in my prayer and meditation practice, I say out loud my list of dreams. I say them with gratitude as if they have already happened.

Sometimes I feel them begin to unfold during my prayer. At the end of each moon cycle, I burn or somehow return to the Earth, the paper I have been reading from. With this practice, each month holds the energy of release and renewal.

Every New moon I create a new dream list and destroy the one I have been using.

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8 ways to ask for what you need (and invite magic into your life!) 

1. Pray that you clearly see your path and life purpose.

In your natal chart the North Node can Indicate what you came to master in this life, or your highest calling.

2. Pray that you clear all your karmic debts with ease and grace.

Your Karma, or the spiritual baggage you came to release is often thought to be in your 12th house. 

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3. Pray that you see what you need to thrive.

Looking at where your moon is placed in your natal chart can indicate what you need in order to emotionally and spiritually thrive. 

4. Pray for clarity on how you move through life in the awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

Our natal chart can show us our potential strengths and weaknesses. 

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5. Pray that you have boundless life force energy to live in alignment with your truth.

Our sun sign is our personality, and what we want to achieve in life. 

6. Pray that others see your truth.

Your Rising sign shows us how others see you. 

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7. Pray that you are healed on the deepest level.

Chiron in your natal chart can indicate where you most need healing.

8. Pray that your ancestors have been healed and future generations are healed.

Release the wounds that you have inherited from your ancestors so that you can be completely healed. 

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The energy of the solar eclipse will be helping us break down and release what isn’t for our highest good. We will be experiencing this roughly for six months. By June most of us will have clarity on what is important to us and what is aligned with our highest vibrational path.

Personally, my remodel will be done within that time period. I hope to be fully aligned with my highest vibrational path. We also have a Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th, 2022. If the Scorpio solar eclipse broke things down the Taurus lunar will help build what is aligned with your truth.

Here we are all in some form of breaking down, letting go and rebuilding. It’s eclipse season.

Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through astrological readings, intuitive life coaching, and psychic courses.

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