3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Experience Significant Change In July 2024

While this may seem like ‘the summer of love’ for some, for others, it will be a month of change.

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During July 2024, Venus, the Sun and Mercury are all in Leo, the sign that rules love. While this may seem like ‘the summer of love’ for some, for others, this will bring a month of change and upheaval when it comes to love, partnerships and relationships in general.

Some of the most significant dates to watch include July 3rd, July 12th, July 15th and July 22-23rd. These days all bring harsh transits that could bring about a breakup or separation at the very worst. If your relationship/partnerships are stable you should be fine. If it’s tottering on the edge, it’s important to pay more attention and be aware of your actions toward others.


3 zodiac signs whose relationships experience significant change in July 2024

The signs that will have the most difficult month with others include three of the fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Let’s take a look at why and what you should be aware of.

1. Taurus

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First of all, if you are a Taurus you may have already experienced upheaval in your relationships. Uranus is in Taurus, which can cause sudden or unexpected changes in relationships. While this typically involves romantic relationships, it can include work, friendships or some other type of partnership. Uranus acts swiftly, and sometimes you can change your mind or someone else can change theirs. 

The most important thing is to not act rashly or without thinking things through because some things cannot be undone once done. This is one of the dangers of a Uranus transit.

In July, Uranus will affect those born roughly May 14-19th or with their Sun at 24-28 degrees. This will affect you more than others born under the sign of Taurus but rest assured at some point this will affect every Taurus.

If you were born early in the Sun/Taurus cycle, Pluto is squaring your Sun. If you are a woman, this means a change in your personal relationships with men. If you are a man, this could be changes in work, business or some other relationship with other men. It can stimulate your ambitions but it can also cause you to act in ways that disregard others in your race to the top. This disregard or making others feel unimportant can seriously damage your relationships.


During the first three weeks of July, Mars travels through the sign Taurus. This can cause a certain amount of agitation. Are you taking this out on your partners? While this transit is not ‘bad’, it could cause you to put a lot of focus on yourself and what you want to do, potentially leaving out those closest to you.

Taurus, you are very slow to make up your mind and sometimes you can come across as emotionally lazy and you know you are stubborn. Do you want to keep your relationships or always be right? It’s a choice. You can only keep people at arms distance so long before committing, and you might remember this in terms of any type of love interest or even a business prospect. No opportunity lasts forever.

As Venus travels through Leo this month, it is not doing you any favors like it was when in Cancer. While this is not a ‘bad’ transit, it would fare better in another sign when it comes to love. If Venus isn’t helping, then you need to step up your game, pay attention and decide who and what you want to keep in your life and make more of an effort.

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2. Scorpio

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Uranus and Pluto have been affecting you for some time bringing about big changes. These two planets, considered ‘outer’ planets, are extremely powerful, and when they make an entrance in your chart you will know it.

In July, Uranus will affect those born roughly November 14th-19th, and Pluto will affect you to a larger degree if you were born during the first three days of the Scorpio season. If Uranus is affecting you it is opposing your Sun. While this may represent many things, it definitely includes partners, both romantic and otherwise. 


Uranus tends to create sudden, unexpected and disruptive situations and changes. Now is the time to keep your feet on the ground and pay attention to those closest to you if you want to keep them. Of course, with an opposition, it can be the ‘other’ that wants freedom. And if this happens, all you can do is present your case to them.

If you were born during the first few days of the Scorpio season, Pluto is square your Sun. If you are a woman, this means there will be changes with the man in your life. While it is not always an ending, be flexible if your partner wants to alter the relationship in some way. Pluto can always involve change and transformation and with work on your end, it is sometimes for the better.

Mars is transiting your seventh house of partners, creating conflict and stirring up issues most of the month. Scorpio, you like to be in control — but you can’t always have this. Sometimes others like to take charge too, so you need to decide if you are willing to share the decision-making process.

Constantly questioning and being suspicious of your partner will not work in the long run. There comes a time when you need to relax. You either trust the person or don’t. If you don’t, then it is time to let them go. Jealousy is another issue you need to work on this month because in the end, it will drive those you want in your life away.


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3. Aquarius

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If you were born between February 12-16th, Uranus is square your Sun creating chaos and change in areas that can include partners. If you were born during the first few days of Aquarius, Pluto is conjunct your Sun stimulating your ambitions, demanding change and potentially changing important relationships.


While you can do nothing about the movement of the outer planets, you can become mindful of your own actions and avoid doing things that could separate you from partners and those who are most important, which Pluto can do. Aquarius, you are often brilliant, fun and social — but you can also be aloof and find it hard to communicate deep feelings at times or nail down commitments.

Money is on your radar at this time and while this is necessary to live, there are other things that require your attention to lead a balanced life. Putting others on a shelf in favor of your own activities seldom works in partnerships. 

Aquarius does not like to commit and you can sometimes lead people on until they get tired of waiting and wondering. Having a string of lovers and failing to admit this is something many people would consider lying, at least by omission of facts. Of course, you do this to keep everyone hanging on until you are ready for them, but is this fair to anyone?


Mars, the planet of action, is in Taurus, which clashes with Aquarius — so don’t act out your irritations toward those you partner with. The last 10 days of July Mars will move into Gemini which will be a better match.

The Full Moon on July 21st favors seclusion and deep thinking, so it might be wise to use the time to decide who matters and who you want to keep in your life and then make a little or a great deal more effort to do so.

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