What Each Zodiac Sign Can Successfully Manifest With The Astrological Energy Of August 20, 2023

As the Moon in Libra shines above, you are instilled with the desire for harmony.

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As the Moon in Libra shines above, you are instilled with the desire for harmony, comfort and the contentment of feeling at home. While Libra is most known for qualities such as fairness, justice and balance, this zodiac sign, which rules partnerships, also relies heavily on the aesthetic in its home and life, as it helps you embrace a more content state of mind. 

To feel content, you must also create a balance that nurtures peace. To be balanced is to understand your priorities and needs and act accordingly. The biggest hindrance to doing so often is when you live outside of your truth, attempting to be or do something solely so you live up to the desires of others.  


While Libra is helping you focus on what needs to be done to achieve balance so that you can focus more on your partnership and the comfort of your home, the Moon is helping guide you into your emotional truth. This is the part of you that knows whenever you betray yourself for another, try to keep the peace or choose the path of least controversy. 

Here though, Libra lends its soul lesson to you as you are encouraged to wake up to the reality that you can never attain peace in your life by compromising the one found within. As much as you desire balanced or cohesive partnerships in your professional and personal life, that can only be achieved by first honoring yourself. When you do, it becomes easy to recognize what is in alignment with you and when you feel out of alignment yourself.  


Manifesting with the Libra energy can incorporate the element of air, which rules this zodiac sign. Save your rituals for the evening hours when the Moon will shine bright in the nighttime sky as it moves through its waxing crescent phase. During the waxing crescent phase of the Moon, it's essential to repeat or write down your New Moon affirmation as you visualize and focus on one thing you can create now to reach fruition more readily.



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By embracing the power of honoring your truth, you can step into a place of balance where you recognize this is the birthplace of all you want to manifest.


August 19 daily manifestation affirmations and rituals for all zodiac signs 


(March 21 - April 19)  

What to manifest: Romantic truth

Daily affirmation: I am honoring the truth in my heart.

The Libra Moon activates your romantic sector as it helps you to embrace the more profound truth of your relationship. Begin your ritual by lighting a red candle before a mirror and placing a water bowl before you. Position the candle so you can't see it in the mirror, but its light can reflect on the water and yourself. As you gaze into the reflections, repeat your affirmation and focus for seven minutes before extinguishing the candle and the candle in the water.


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(April 20 - May 20) 

What to manifest: Inner wellness

Daily affirmation: I am creating a space of well-being and love within myself.

To honor the presence of the Libra Moon in your wellness sector, create a large circle outside using salt, elderberry and thyme, which are herbs that symbolize the sign of Libra. As you lay inside it, place your hands on your lower belly while slowing your breath and repeating your affirmation. Try to allow yourself to enjoy this space for a full hour, as the number six relates to a feeling of inner wellness.

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(May 21 - June 20) 

What to manifest: Balance of self with others

Daily affirmation: I am balancing prioritizing myself and caring for others.

As the Libra Moon activates your sector of happiness and creativity, create an intention jar to help promote greater balance in your life. Begin by collecting a small pot and adding catnip, thyme, St. John's wort and bergamot essential oil. As you seal it with white wax, repeat your affirmation and place it on a north-facing window to promote a sense of comfort and balance.

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(June 21 - July 22) 

What to manifest: A home sanctuary


Daily affirmation: My home is my sanctuary from the world filled with contentment, joy and love.

Work with the energies of the Libra Moon to revitalize your house into a true sanctuary from the rest of the world. Begin by collecting white sage, thyme, lavender and bergamot into a smudging dish. As you cleanse the energy of yourself and your space, repeat your affirmation. Allow the ashes to cool and return them to the wind for safekeeping.

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(July 23 - August 22) 

What to manifest: Advocating for your needs

Daily affirmation: I am worthy of advocating for my needs and having them met by those in my life.


The Libra Moon helps you to embrace themes of communication and self-advocacy as it activates this sector of your life. Work with this energy by going outside under the crescent Moon, repeating your daily affirmation and then your new moon affirmation. As you do, light a white candle and bergamot incense as you align yourself with the energies and focus on visualizing your desires.

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(August 23 - September 22) 

What to manifest: Positive thinking

Daily affirmation: I am choosing to think positively about any situation in my life which feels uncontrollable.

Harness the energy of the Libra Moon as it activates your value zone by creating a nighttime ritual. Begin by anointing a yellow candle with bergamot essential oil, a symbol of Libra and then go outside into your yard. As you light the candle, focus on the flame and repeat your affirmation with your palms on your knees open to receive.


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(September 23 - October 22) 

What to manifest: Inner power

Daily affirmation: I am standing radiantly and confidently in my inner power.

While the Libra Moon activates your sector of self, embrace your inner power that comes from simply owning the truth of who you are. Begin your ritual by lighting a red candle and practicing a self-massage with bergamot essential oil, representing Libra, as you speak your affirmation aloud and send the vibrant power of the red candle into your energy. Allow the candle to thoroughly burn out, and then wrap it in orange cloth before burying it in your garden.


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(October 23 - November 21) 

What to manifest: Emotional contentment

Daily affirmation: I am at peace emotionally with myself and where I am on my life path.

The Libra Moon invites you into a space of emotional contentment as you are called to focus on the peace and balance within yourself. As night falls, create a sacred bath using thyme and bergamot essential oils, sprinkling in any blue flowers which symbolize Libra. While sinking into your bath, repeat your affirmation, allowing your breath to slow and to find peace within this moment.

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(November 22 - December 21) 

What to manifest: Social balance

Daily affirmation: I am working on balancing those that mean the most to me and my precious alone time.

To invite the knowledge of balance into your life while the Libra Moon activates your social sector, focus on performing your ritual in your sacred alone time. Begin by lighting a blue, yellow and white candle to symbolize yourself, others and the balance you seek. As you kneel before them, draw two overlapping circles on paper, writing your name in the middle. Repeat your affirmation, allowing yourself to visualize a feeling of balance in your life and then safely burn the paper and sprinkle the cooled ashes to the wind using the flame of the white candle. You can also bind together the blue and yellow candle with a white ribbon afterward to leave on your altar to help influence a greater embodiment of what you seek.


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(December 22 - January 19) 

What to manifest: The balance of wants and needs


Daily affirmation: I am learning to harmonize my wants and needs to embrace a greater sense of balance.

As the Libra Moon calls your attention to unite your wants and needs as it lights up your professional sector, focus on merging both important parts of yourself. Begin by lighting a red and blue candle and sprinkling bergamot around them to symbolize the balance of Libra. As you hold your left hand above the blue and right above the red, safely repeat your affirmation four times and then let the candles extinguish themselves. Once they have, take the melted wax, wrap it in white tissue paper and place it under your bed until you've manifested greater balance in your life.

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(January 20 - February 18) 


What to manifest: Faith

Daily affirmation: I believe everything is happening precisely as it's meant to.

Work on manifesting greater faith in the unknown as the Libra Moon highlights your sector of abundance and expansion. Begin your ritual by binding a bay leaf and a white feather together with a violet ribbon, repeating your affirmation as you do. Then tie it onto a rose bush, letting it move in the wind as you visualize embodying greater faith within yourself and your life.

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(February 19 - March 20) 

What to manifest: Intimate connection

Daily affirmation: I am inspired to attract an intimate connection that brings greater balance and peace.


The Libra Moon calls your attention to your zone of intimacy and transformation, helping you embrace the truth to create a relationship aligned with your heart. Begin by creating a tea using rose petals, lavender, lemon balm and peppermint, representing love, peace, trust and truth. As you settle into a quiet space to enjoy it, anoint your heart chakra with ylang-ylang essential oil and repeat your affirmation as you drink your tea, visualizing the romantic connection you want to manifest.

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