How To Use Astrology To Make Your Manifestations Come True

You can use astrology to manifest by noting and taking advantage of the energy of certain planets and transits.

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Manifesting involves a combination of dreaming, focus, passion, and motivation. Planets (usually benefics) in the natal chart or transiting can help us find that spark that will allow us to make the moves needed to get closer to making our daydreams a reality.

Venus can help us in social settings; a great Venus combined with a Sun transit can make us stand out in an interview. Venus can help us attract partners since we can be more charismatic or become more popular (briefly). Jupiter can shift our ideology and bring more optimism. We develop a love for new things we learn, we can also learn to have more faith in ourselves and the work we do. Strong Jupiter and Sun transits make the sky seem more brilliant, the day seems more romantic, and tomorrow feels fantastic.


How to use astrology to manifest

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Sagittarius or Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising, or Jupiter in the 1st house

Nothing can make us feel more aligned than having transiting or natal Jupiter in the first house. Having these placements brings courage, which is needed to manifest our dreams. Patience and optimism are also gifted, the native understands that even when things are not going their way at the time, it's still possible at some point. When Jupiter rules the native's chart or personal planets, their confidence is strengthened with time making them unstoppable. 


Jupiter conjunct North Node

The nodes of destiny in contact with this benefic can create some powerful manifestations. The native feels destined to become excellent and to stand out from others. The expansive energy of Jupiter makes them feel more confident about the path that they are on and the direction. These people are hard-working and driven. They know how to make plans, make moves, and put in the work to get to where they want.

Venus and Jupiter natal or transiting the 11th house

The 11th house holds great power and having Venus or Jupiter natally or transiting there shows that we can manifest opportunities our way. It is the house of hopes and dreams and planets here can open doors. People with these planets can make potent connections. They can have friends or teachers that guide them to achieve success.

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Planets in the 10th house

Planets at the highest point in our chart usually reflect that the native can feel confident enough in the spotlight and in leadership positions in the field that we are in. Attaining success may be hard in the beginning, but once the native is in a position of power, they will continue to climb to the top. Planets in the 10th house are a learning process and the native will always look towards the top. As the native develops more faith in themselves, they will know how to command, lead and thrive. 


Personal planets conjunct Jupiter

When a personal planet is in contact with Jupiter through a conjunction, it helps the native see things much clearer. With Venus conjunction, the native is creative and passionate. Mars in conjunction shows a tactician determined to fight for their dreams. Jupiter sparks the planet it's in contact with, giving support, an optimistic outlook, and a steady game plan for the native.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn and the native with this placement can be relentless when it comes to acquiring success. Mars can dream big, they will confidently state what they want and get excellent rewards when they put their mind to what they want. This is the placement of victory and success because the native will not give up easily. They love a challenge and will be disciplined enough to win.

Capricorn Rising, Aquarius Rising, or Saturn in the 1st house

Saturn may have a bad reputation, but having the planet on the ascendant can bring insight and triumphs. Saturn makes us work hard for what we want and when it is in the first house, the native will understand how to be more organized and methodical with their goals. Saturn rules time and the native is usually disciplined and will be fine playing the long game. This is a form of manifestation since Saturn visualizes and knows they can get to where they want with patience. Saturn can be harsh but it rewards those who follow the game plan.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.