The Specific Thing Each Zodiac Sign Can Easily Manifest The Week Of August 21-27

The start of Virgo season fuels this week’s manifestation rituals for August 21 - 27, 2023.

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As the Sun shifts into the earth sign of Virgo in the week of August 21 –27, 2023, allow the universe to work on your behalf. Create space to do less so the universe can do more. Virgo takes everything on as its responsibility, which can often become so detail-orientated that it creates discord with the universe. Instead, focus on your plans and consciously leave just enough space for magic to happen.  


The Sun is one of the most potent elements in manifesting because it represents your life force. It rules the external action you take in your life, which is directly connected to what you choose and can manifest. The Sun is bold and takes moments of opportunity, whether it can bring its goal to fruition immediately or not. It never ceases to take those small steps to continue toward success. In Virgo, the Sun often influences most of the details or plans you have for your life. Instead of succumbing to this earth sign's perfectionist energy, focus on how you want to feel when you have manifested all you desire. By focusing on your emotional state rather than how it will look, you create the space for the universe to step in and work with you in accomplishing your dreams.  


Virgo also represents tremendous healing energy, known as the earth goddess. This zodiac sign can help you focus on what needs your attention most to raise your vibration to attract what you want to create. As much as Virgo can be known to work and strive toward a given goal endlessly, this is your sign to step back. Observing what path and opportunities the universe presents you and recognizing the divine's plans will always be far greater than the one you have for yourself.  

Manifesting while the Sun is in Virgo requires a balance between focusing on the future and allowing space to be created in how it shows up. For instance, reflect on how you want to feel when you have a new job or relationship instead of attaching happiness to a specific role or person. This will allow you to move toward what is bringing you peace, joy and abundance without exhausting your energy levels and intuition because you are endlessly working.  



Remember, the universe is always trying to guide your path to help deliver you to precisely where you are meant to be. And when you create space for that to occur, you also step into the divine flow where anything you want to manifest becomes possible.  


Here's what each zodiac needs to manifest the week of August 21 - 27, 2023.

Aries: manifest a healthy new routine

Harness the power of the Virgo Sun in your sector of routines and well-being to create a new morning ritual to help you focus on the day ahead. Begin by massaging your throat chakra with peppermint essential oil to awaken and stimulate your truth. Virgo rules this chakra point and essential oil, so it will help you work with this powerful energy. After massaging your throat chakra, create a tea of ginger and lemon balm and enjoy it in the Sun while repeating your affirmation in synch with your breath.

Weekly affirmation: I am focusing on changing one thing daily to help me live my desired life.  

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Taurus: manifest a plan for joy 

The Sun in Virgo highlights your sector of commitment and joy, encouraging you to see happiness as the priority, not the accidental result of actions. Begin by creating an intention jar utilizing the herbs representing Virgo, caraway, sweet fennel, ginger, peppermint and lavender. As you seal it with yellow wax, repeat your affirmation and place it in a south-facing window to invoke the Sun's power of passion and creativity.  


Weekly affirmation: I am planning for joy, so my life is fulfilling to my soul.  

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Gemini: manifest your future dreams 

Reflect on your dreams for your home, family and relationship as the Virgo Sun highlights healing and the plans necessary to make it a reality. Begin by creating a smudge using lavender and peppermint. As you cleanse yourself and your home, repeat the affirmation. Once finished, anoint your throat chakra with peppermint essential oil, and then journal your dreams for this area of your life, placing it in the Sun under Carnelian, a crystal representing this earth sign.  

Weekly affirmation: I am allowing myself to dream of the future and create a plan to make it a reality.  


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Cancer: manifest focused conversations 

You should pay special attention to essential conversations as Virgo rules the throat chakra, and the Sun in this zodiac sign will activate your communication sector. To set an intention for productive and honest talks, you can begin by anointing your throat chakra with ginger essential oil, as Virgo rules this energy portal. Then bind Carnelian to a blue candle and light it as you repeat your affirmation. Sprinkle lavender around the flame to incorporate greater peace and allow the candle to burn down thoroughly before returning the melted wax to the earth.  

Weekly affirmation: I pay attention to my words and what others say as I receive downloads from the universe through conversations.

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Leo: manifest long-term financial stability 

The Virgo Sun inspires you to focus on your long-term financial stability as you craft a plan for success. Harness this energy by creating an altar space using a fire-safe plate, a green candle, coins and ginger-infused white salt. Begin by creating a circle of salt on the plate, placing the candle in the center and the coins around its base. As you repeat your affirmation, visualize the financial success you desire. Once the candle has burned for six minutes, a symbol of prosperity, extinguish it and bury the salt and coins in your garden beneath a basil plant.  

Weekly affirmation: I am creating a strategy for long-term financial wealth and stability.

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Virgo: manifest reinventing yourself 

Reflect on how you can reintroduce yourself to the world as your new healing and authentic self as the Virgo Sun enhances your sector of self. Create a sacred scrub using salt for protection, peppermint for truth, ginger for passion and lavender for peace. Add a bit of almond oil for new beginnings, and as you use this in the shower, repeat your affirmation while envisioning releasing who you were so you might welcome in who you now are.  


Weekly affirmation: I am reinventing myself and stepping into a fresh new beginning of life.  

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Libra: manifest acceptance 

Take time to make peace with everything in your life as the Sun in Virgo highlights your unconscious sector, drawing you to create the emotional closure necessary to move ahead. Begin by anointing a blue candle and rolling it in ground lavender. As you light it, take a moment to write down what you still carry from the past, especially those things you wished were different. As the candle melts, drip the wax over your paper, binding and clearing it as you affirm. Once the candle has burned for forty-four minutes, a symbol of peace, safely burn what you wrote and then scatter the cooled ashes to the wind.  

Weekly affirmation: I accept everything that has happened for a reason and no longer dwell on whether it could have been different.  


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Scorpio: manifest creating space for alignment 

As the Virgo Sun highlights the need and desire for what aligns with your soul, focus on creating a sweet honey intention to draw your desire closer to you. Begin by writing your affirmation down on a small piece of paper, folding it toward you three times and placing it in a jar of honey. Add in a bit of ginger and peppermint, repeating your affirmation as you do. Once the intention honey has been created, use it in tea or take a spoonful daily to attract what aligns with your soul.  

Weekly affirmation: I am focusing on creating space that is truly in alignment with my soul as I surrender to the plan of the divine.  

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Sagittarius: manifest career goals 

The Virgo Sun asks you to reflect on the long-term career goals you have for yourself by stepping into your power and embracing your inner drive for success. To begin your ritual, anoint a green candle with olive oil for prosperity and write a letter congratulating yourself on achieving your desired position or career standing. As you repeat your affirmation, please fold the paper three times and place it under the candle. Once it has burned out entirely, wrap the melted wax and paper in a red or orange cloth and put it in a private space until your goals have been manifested.  

Weekly affirmation: I am focusing on my future career goals as I step into my power to create the life I want to live.  

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Capricorn: manifest taking new risks 

Focus on stretching yourself to take new risks as the Sun in Virgo invites you to embrace more significant opportunities and abundance. Begin by anointing a yellow candle in ginger essential oil and rolling it in crushed peppermint leaves. Place the candle in a bowl of white sugar, and once you have lit it, sprinkle lavender over it as you repeat your affirmation. Allow the candle to burn down completely, and then place the melted wax in an east-facing area of your home while you use the sugar to sweeten any drinks, helping you embody the greater desire to take risks.  


Weekly affirmation: I am safe to take new risks so that I might create a more abundant and fruitful life.  

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Aquarius: manifest embracing inner transformation 

Focus on how you can encourage changes in your life that align with your inner transformation as the Sun in Virgo activates this area of your life. To begin, place a blue and orange candle on your altar and bind them with white thread for protection. As you light them, anoint your throat chakra with ginger essential oil and focus on the flames, repeating your affirmation for eight minutes, a symbol of transformation. Once you've finished, extinguish the candles, keep them bound together and place them in a north-facing area of your home to honor the earth energy of Virgo.  

Weekly affirmation: I am dedicating myself to allowing my inner transformation to change anything in my external life that no longer aligns with my truth.  


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Pisces: manifest romantic opportunities 

The Sun in Virgo energizes your romantic sector, bringing your focus to your heart and helping to set the stage for new beginnings. Create an offering bowl by writing down your affirmation on a small piece of paper, folding it three times toward you, and anointing it with rose essential oil. Place it in a large shell or sacred dish. Next, add sweet fennel, caraway, peppermint and ginger, which carry the energy of the zodiac sign of Virgo as you repeat your affirmation. Finish by placing it next to a red candle in an east-facing area of your home to call in new opportunities in love.  

Weekly affirmation: I open my heart to new romantic opportunities by embracing faith in unconditional love and the universe's magic.  

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