5 Astrology Placements That Are Masters Of Manifestation

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Some people are better at manifesting what they want in life than others. According to astrology TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, those who are best at manifesting what they want in life tend to have certain astrological placements in common.

Top manifesting placements in astrology



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1. Moon/Jupiter conjunction

“That conjunction can help you to subconsciously manifest lucky opportunities into your life,” @shawtyherbs said.

In astrology, a Moon/Jupiter conjunction is considered a lucky transit and when the Moon, ruler of our emotional life, meets up with beneficial Jupiter and its wisdom and natural expansion it leans toward an attitude that is kind, friendly, just, positive and naturally attracts others. Of course, what and how it attracts good fortune depends on the sign it is in as well as the house it occupies in the chart. One of the most powerful signs this aspect could be in would be Cancer, while the weakest could be Capricorn.

This aspect in the natal chart would provide an ingrained type of optimism that others would naturally respond to. You would likely have a good sense of saying the right thing at the right time that would inspire others, especially when seeking their support.

2. Moon/Neptune conjunction

This is also a positive aspect for manifesting, according to @shawtyherbs. “That placement can give you really powerful spiritual and manifestation abilities,” she said.

The typical definition of a Moon/Neptune conjunction indicates a naturally sensitive and potentially artistic individual who is often considered intuitive. Some of the most famous psychics have this placement, especially when it is in the sign of Pisces. These individuals can often sense the feelings and moods of those around them. This aspect leans toward those who are empathic and empathetic to others' feelings, moods and needs. If born with this aspect you could have a dreamy and imaginative mind and could be involved in creative ventures.

The other side of this aspect can lean toward addictions of all types, sacrificing too much for others and not being able to discern the true motives of others or grasp when others are trying to take advantage.

3. Moon in the 12th house

According to @shawtyherbs, this aspect has a similar effect to Moon conjunct Neptune. The 12th house of the chart rules the subconscious mind. The Moon in the 12th house indicates a very private individual who may lean toward keeping many of their emotions to themselves. They tend to gravitate toward the spiritual world more than others, or some other realm. The harsher realities of life may be difficult for this person to accept. They are generally emotional, empathic toward others and often drawn to things like tarot, channeling and other metaphysical disciplines. It is important for this person to have plenty of alone time.

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4. Moon conjunct Venus or in the 2nd house

“Those placements can help you manifest luxurious and beautiful experiences along with the things that make you happy,” according to @shawtyherbs' video.

Moon/Venus transits are considered fortunate and lucky. Venus rules love, values and money and the Moon rules the emotions. This is a person who has a natural love of beauty and fine objects and possessions, and others are naturally drawn to them as they typically project warmth and friendliness outwardly. This naturally lends itself toward good fortune and some of these individuals can easily cultivate a life and relationships that are pleasing to themselves.

This is an aspect that is basically fortunate from a monetary or material standpoint. The individual draws material things into their lives as well as happy relationships in many cases. Since Venus is one of the two money planets there is a natural tendency to attract positive financial situations.

5. Moon in the 11th house

According to @shawtyherbs, this is the top placement for manifesting, as she explained, “That placement can help you manifest your biggest hopes, wishes and dreams."

The 11th house in the natal chart does show your hopes and dreams. It also rules groups and friends. A positive placement here could help in terms of achieving your dreams. However, if the Moon made adverse aspects with malefics, such as square to Saturn, just the opposite would occur.

There is nothing specifically in modern or traditional astrology that deals with the ability to manifest our dreams other than positive placements in the natal chart and utilizing them correctly.

All of these aspects mentioned above are positive placements and would draw positive results unless something else in the chart is interfering. 

Jupiter is associated with luck as is Venus and Venus in the second house would, for example, be financially lucky and this individual would be attracted to and have the ability to draw beautiful or luxurious items to themselves.

The real question becomes are individuals with these placements actually manifesting their lives, or are they simply utilizing their good aspects to charm, build and create what they desire since they have the ability to achieve these things naturally through their chart if they have a degree of self-understanding?

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