How To Use The 777 Method To Manifest Anything You Want In 7 Days

Write your desires into reality.

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The law of attraction and the world of manifestation include several techniques to help bring your desired life to fruition.

From the water technique to the 369 method to the 10-10-10 worksheet method to the 5x55 method, each technique eases users into the concept of positive thinking, effectively attracting their desired reality into existence.

With so many manifestation methods to try, how do you choose the best one for you? Well, start by thinking about what technique you believe fits you best. For example, there are techniques that focus on visualizing, while others rely solely on scripting.


But the 777 manifestation method is a writing technique for people who enjoy journaling and to-do lists. Plus, it's quick and easy, and is said to manifest your desires in only 7 days.

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What is the 777 manifestation method?

The 777 manifestation method is a writing technique where a person writes down what they would like to manifest, 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening/night, for 7 consecutive days.

The technique has become popular on TikTok — and for good reason.

How To Do the 777 Manifestation Technique

Just like many other manifestation methods, you can do this technique in several different ways, and can manifest money, love, success — really, anything!

And all you need is a pen and a piece of paper, as well as intention.

777 Manifestation Technique #1

1. Clarify your intentions.

First, understand and clarify exactly what you want to manifest. Be succinct, clear, and loud in your thoughts.


Then, pick a manifestation affirmation that declares what your desires are in the present tense. You will use this later.

This needs to be in the present tense for the law of assumption to work. That is, you need to believe that the universe has already granted your wish.

2. Write down your manifestation 7 times in the morning.

Next, take that affirmation and write it down on a piece of paper, in a journal, or whatever you wish to use in the morning.

Try to do this first thing when you wake up while you're still a little groggy. In this state, you still have a link to the dream world and can allow your eyes to believe what you write down.

Write the affirmation 7 times in a row.


3. Write down your manifestation 7 times in the evening.

After writing your affirmations, go about your day as usual. Right before bed, write down your affirmations 7 times once again. Try to do this when you are tired.

4. Repeat this for 7 days.

Now that you know the routine, you need to stick with it for 7 consecutive days. If you have done it correctly, you should have written down your manifestation a total of 98 times.

The most important part of this method is that you need to stay in the mindset and belief that your manifestation is happening. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and the universe will sense it.

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777 Manifestation Technique #2

Another popular version is for more methodical people. This method recently blew up after a viral video from babywitchred on TikTok.



In her video, she describes how the 777 manifesting method worked after following these steps:

1. Write down a name 7 times.

First, write the name of the person you wish to affect. If you are manifesting something for yourself, you would write your name. Be sure to write both their first and last name.


2. Write part of your manifestation 7 times.

Next, write a manifestation affirmation 7 times. Be sure to make the affirmation in the present tense. if the manifestation is about you, do not write it in the first person; rather, write it in the third person so your name is showing: "Money comes to Jane Doe easily" instead of "Money comes to me easily."

You can use the manifestation to attract love, money, or anything else, as long as you stay specific to the guidelines. For example:

Manifestation for money: "Money comes to Jane Doe easily."

Manifestation for love: "Jane Doe is going out with John Doe."

Manifestation for success: "Jane Doe is a successful businesswoman."


Manifestation for overcoming fear: "Jane Doe is not afraid of getting hurt by John Doe."

3. Write another similar manifestation 7 times.

After you have finished, write another manifestation similar to the one you just wrote 7 times, i.e., "Jan Doe is getting richer by the second."

4. Write a description of your manifestation.

Write a description of your manifestation. This should be the final product of the desired reality you are wanting to manifest. You only have to write this once. It can be a few sentences or one sentence.


5. Write 'thank you' 3 times.

Lastly, you write "thank you" 3 times to show gratitude to the universe for listening and hopefully granting your desires.

Why does the 777 method work?

The 777 method works because of the spiritual energy behind number 7. In numerology, the number 7 is all about spirituality unveiling the truths of our subconscious. It is associated with intellect and spiritual wisdom. Additionally, Angel Number 777 symbolizes divine guidance.

It's safe to say that the number 7 holds significant power. The number itself can supercharge your manifestations, so it's more likely to come to fruition.

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