March 20 - 26, 2023 Horoscopes Bring A 'Fresh Start' To Love

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weekly love horoscope march 20 - 26, 2023

The weekly love horoscope for March 20 - 26, 2023, is here with the start of Aries Season. As the Aries Season starts on a hot note with some major astrological changes in store, it is important to remember that sometimes an ending is something to celebrate. Nothing is worse than finally making it out of your most toxic relationship, only to be met with sympathy when you tell people you are breaking up or separating.

Some of it is the societal conditioning that remaining in a relationship, regardless of toxicity, is better than being single. Still, often, it is also the projection that many have of going through a similar life event. Yet, regardless of circumstances, an ending is something to celebrate. It does not mean that you should not process, mourn, cry it out or spend the evening with Ben & Jerry’s, but only that an ending means you are finished with that chapter. It means you learned something. You finished one level of your life and are ready for a new level — and hopefully, it also means that you have learned.

This week, it means that as Mars shifts into Cancer after a seven-month stay in Gemini and Pluto shifts into Aquarius after fifteen years in Capricorn, you could be headed as much for an ending as that brand new beginning that the Aries New Moon promises. It is a reminder from the universe that usually, in life and especially in love, there is always both.

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Regardless of which occurs first, an ending always follows a beginning, and a beginning is a catalyst for an ending. And that is burning everything down; in setting fire to what you cannot reconcile or align with, you are only stepping into your process of rebirth.

Most romantic dates of the week:

Monday, March 20th

The week starts with the Sun shifting into Aries, beginning the astrological New Year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so each year, when the Sun returns to this fire sign, it represents a complete cycle now being complete. Aries is a fire sign known for passion, determination, and new beginnings — all energy that will begin to filter in through your crown chakra as you embrace the power of the season.

Today is also a day of balance, one of two days during the year with equal amounts of daylight and darkness. Not only does this balance of light and darkness have a calming effect on the nervous system, but it also represents the equilateral relationship between masculine and feminine energies. For a week that will surely be the start of a completely new era in your life, this is the perfect energetic reminder that new beginnings should always incorporate greater balance.

Tuesday, March 21st

Saturn in Pisces forms a partial square to Jupiter in Aries today, helping to reveal to you where you need to adjust in your life to experience less restriction and greater freedom. Saturn in Pisces may also help you remember any dreams left on the wayside so that you can return to them, especially if they are connected to your truth. As the universe has already set the stage for new beginnings, the first of two back-to-back Aries New Moons will occur today. The Moon in Aries is less emotional but more determined. There will be greater passion and impulsivity at play today, which may also help to shake you free from your nets of procrastination.

As this lunar event occurs at the critical zero degrees, the emphasis will be on acting towards a new path or direction within your life that provides some risk, adventure, and a great deal of passion. This lunar event is the first of two, with the second being April 20th, which will be at the very last degree of Aries, representing a portal of energy opening for the next month that can help kickstart any innovative ideas or desires. It is a particularly influential event for those with personal planets within 0-5 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) or 27-30 degrees of the mutable zodiac signs: Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo.

Wednesday, March 22nd

Dwarf planet Ceres, a ruler of self-love, femininity, motherhood, and nourishment, transits into Virgo today as part of its retrograde journey. During its retrograde journey, it asks you to reflect on how you care for yourself and others, finding balance and sustainability within all facets of your life. In Virgo, it invites you to renew the routines and habits that contribute to your greatest health while stepping away from anything that has taken you away from feeling like your best self. This can cause a review of work and life balance, workout regimes and even patterns within your romantic relationship so that you can make changes for the better in all areas.

Thursday, March 23rd

Today is the beginning of it all, the end of an era – and most importantly, the hinting at a brand new one that is just beginning. After fifteen years in Capricorn, Pluto makes its first moves into Aquarius today – a sign it has visited in two hundred years. There is not a soul on earth that has experienced this profound and life-changing event, but it is only just the beginning. Pluto will spend from today until early May direct in Aquarius, helping you get set on what you want to change and begin.

Then as it turns retrograde, you will be asked to tie up loose ends and work to step into this new era of your life at the start of 2024. There will be a short two-month period of review and reflection next year when Pluto shifts back to Capricorn again until officially moving into Aquarius in 2043. Pluto works to bring the truth to light and help you live a more authentic life. You will see more honest and fulfilling relationships as you embrace this Plutonian transformation.

Saturday, March 25th

As if it was not enough that Pluto was changing signs after fifteen years, today marks another important planetary shift within the universe. Mars, the planet of masculine energy, sex, passion, and motivation, first entered Gemini at the end of August 2022. For all of September and most of October, it moved direct through this air sign helping you to see the reality of the choices that you have made and almost to see what would happen if you did not change things.

Then from late October to January of 2023, you moved through the retrograde journey of Mars, seeing things from a unique perspective, understanding the power of your choices and the ultimate path between your human and your soul — two themes that Gemini emphasizes. Since Mars turned direct in January, you have been moving through similar events, themes and circumstances that first arose in September and October of last year — except hopefully, now you have been able to choose differently.

Look for where this has played out most profoundly for you in your natal chart, as it should represent the end of an era and the beginning of a brand new one as this planet finally ends its time in Gemini and moves into Cancer today. Mars in Cancer is about greater emotional connection and embracing a heightened passion for following through on your feelings and desires.

March 20 – March 26, 2023, love horoscope for the week:


(March 21 - April 19)

Most romantic day of the week: Saturday, March 25th

Since December, you have been awakening to a deeper truth that the relationship you are in now may not be the one you are meant to be in for the rest of your life. In February, events peaked around the Aries stellium, and now as Mars moves into Cancer, you can start taking more action. Mars is your ruling planet, and Cancer brings up themes related to home and family and heightened emotions. Alongside the double Aries New Moon portal, this may be the time to act on the change you seek.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Most romantic day of the week: Wednesday, March 22nd

Ceres govern all themes related to nourishment, self-care and even a deeper bond to the world around you. Traditionally, it is your zodiac sign that rules this dwarf planet, but currently, in Virgo, it will highlight some important themes related to joy, marriage and even family. It may be time to focus more on your relationship and home environment, finding joy there than work, friends, or even other personal pursuits. There is a lot of joy to be found here if you give yourself time to see it.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Most romantic day of the week: Wednesday, March 22nd

This is a big week ahead as Mars finally leaves your zodiac sign after seven months. Many of the decisions you would have made were delayed during this time as you were asked to step into greater reflection. This also included those choices regarding your romantic life as well. This week as Ceres, the dwarf planet that rules self-care, nourishment, care, and motherhood, enters your fourth house of home and family, it is time to refocus your energy on this part of your life. Whether it is the decision to leave or stay, you must be present to make that decision.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Most romantic day of the week: Monday, March 20th

The first day of the astrological New Year and the start of the Aries Season coincides with an auspicious transit for you. It is no surprise Pluto in Capricorn has been moving through your seventh house of relationships for the past fifteen years, as it dwelled in that final-fated degree though it is brought a lot of realizations up to the surface. This week Pluto, in that twenty-ninth and final degree of Capricorn, will sextile Sun in Pisces also in its fated degree. While Capricorn energy rules your romantic life, Pisces governs your ninth house or house of expansion. This is the universe saying that whatever you feel, you are on the right track. Trust yourself, trust your decisions and never be afraid to move ahead.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Most romantic day of the week: Thursday, March 23rd

This week begins an entirely new era within your romantic life that will stick around until 2043. Aquarius energy rules your seventh house or relationship sector; as Pluto, the Lord of the underworld, begins its descent in this area of your life, you will be encouraged to live your romantic life according to your desires. During this time, you can expect themes around who deserves to be in your life or not to surface, along with themes of jealousy, truth, and secrets. You are stepping into your power to decide what type of romantic relationship fulfills your needs. This transition to a new era will begin this week and lingers over the next year, so pay close attention to themes this week because it is guaranteed that they will be important.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Most romantic day of the week: Tuesday, March 21st

It is easy to say you want something but quite another to put in all the work required to create it. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the one that can initiate brand new chapters and rush headfirst into battle to fight for what it desires most. This Aries New Moon at critical zero degrees is a supercharged new beginning. Yet, in a month, there will be a second Aries New Moon at the final degree of this fire sign that also happens to be a Solar Eclipse. Pay attention to what arises this week regarding the cycle of rebirth, finances, intimacy, sex and even life partners. Aries rules this area of your life, also known as your eighth house, so during this week and the next month, it will be quite active as you can truly step out in a brand-new way.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Most romantic day of the week: Tuesday, March 21st

Aries is your polarizing sign and the rules of your seventh house or romantic sector of your natal chart. When there is an activity in this part of your chart, you will see the effects play out within your romantic life. Aries is a fire sign that is passionate and tends to say what it needs to rather than worry about how it comes across. It will set life on fire if it brings greater peace – while you often need to learn that if keeping the peace outside of you costs you your internal peace, it is never worth it.

This week the Aries New Moon in your romance sector means a monumental new beginning is on the way, but there is going to be a journey over the next month as it comes to greater fruition at the second Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse in April. For now, simply open yourself to things turning out differently than the old you thought they would and be ready to seize your blessings.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Most romantic day of the week: Thursday, March 23rd

While it has been a challenging few months for you, the good news is that this energy, while necessary, will not last the entire year for you. A lot of positive and good is coming, you just must extract the gold from this current situation. Saturn has finally just moved out of your fourth house. These rules are healing, roots, family, and home. But now, this week, Pluto makes its first move into Aquarius, which is the ruling sign of this area of your life. Pluto in Aquarius invites you to become your home and create the home and family that suits and aligns with you, whether there is any biological relation. This is the chance to build your circle, make your rules and embrace the truth of who you are. While it has the possibility to change everything, it is also about bringing you to precisely where you are meant to be.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Most romantic day of the week: Tuesday, March 21st

It is not that the time for adventure is over, but at least for the next few years, the one that you will be taking is on the home front. Changes and even deep transformations have already been brewing in this area of your life as Jupiter moved in and out of your fourth and fifth houses last year, bringing up themes of healing, family, marriage, and children. Since Aries, tellium last month and Saturn moved into Pisces – again highlighting these themes, nothing goes away until it teaches you what you need to know. This Aries New Moon once again mentions the idea that something will need to begin within your life before you find the ending you are seeking. This specifically will involve marriage, a committed relationship, and children – but also greater joy. Let this Moon reveal your true joy this week and by next month and the second Aries New Moon; everything might just make more sense.


(December 22 - January 19)

Most romantic day of the week: Saturday, March 25th

Mars is the planet that rules passion, ambition, sex, and masculine energy. Depending upon what zodiac sign it is in, it changes how it shows up in your life. After a grueling seven-month stay in Gemini, bringing up themes related to health, patterns, and routines. Mars in Cancer hosts the opportunity for improving any recent strains that may have occurred, especially with so much Aries energy activating your fourth house, which rules your home and family. Use this Mars in Cancer energy to reconnect emotionally to your partner and tend to those that matter most to you. The point of learning and growth is to improve, so let this transit show you exactly what that means.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Most romantic day of the week: Wednesday, March 22nd

Dwarf Planet Ceres rules womanhood, self-care, love, and how you nurture yourself and others. Everything from baths with essential oils to home-cooked meals with locally sourced fresh ingredients is a part of this dwarf planet’s ruling power. As it moves into Virgo, a healing earth sign, it activates your eighth house, which rules intimacy, sex, transformation and even the cycle of rebirth.

After Saturn has brought you to a place of deeper healing and awareness within yourself, it may be time to devote some much-needed energy to yourself and your partner. Renew your love and your connection. Make space for the simple things like preparing a meal together or enjoying a bath under the stars. Never underestimate the importance of focused quality time within your relationship and the overall benefits it brings.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Most romantic day of the week: Saturday, March 25th

Just last week, you had a stellium of planets within your zodiac sign, just as there was a triple conjunction of planets within Pisces. Nothing is like being submerged in the deep to understand what you truly need. As emotions have been running high, some of that has been the seriousness that Saturn brings to your dreams and desires. While there may be a bit of a reality check, it is for the positive, as you can truly expand your roots in some immense growth opportunities.

Now in the week ahead, after Mars brings changes to your home and family setting, it has its sights set on marriage, joy, creativity and even family matters. If you want to have a child or enjoy time with those in your life, this is a prime time to do both, so be wary if you are not. Mars in Cancer is about greater emotional connection in your most committed relationship and recognizing that your deepest feelings are also your source of joy, so to embrace one is always to embrace the other.

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