Love Horoscope For Today, October 15, 2020

Love Horoscope For Today, October 15, 2020

Your love horoscope for today, October 15, 2020 is here for all zodiac signs in astrology.

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of loving Libra on Thursday.

Libra Season lasts until October 22, and it brings attention to relationships, fairness, justice, the legal system, and its role in marriage, divorce, and even gender equality.

On Thursday, the Moon will enter Libra at 1:51 a.m. EST in preparation for the upcoming New Moon in Libra.

The Sun in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday encouraging a major relationship change for people who have planets at 22 degrees in Cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra).

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What today's love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Thursday, October 15, 2020:



Aries, the Sun spends the day in your relationship sector, and it squares Pluto in your house of career and social status.

You may find that things change in the way that someone views you, perhaps a person you admire and wish to have more connectivity with.

If you're already partnered, things could improve with your relationship.

If you work on yourself, you may see areas that you can soften to make communication flow more smoothly.

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Taurus, the Sun spends the day in your daily duties sector.

Today's perfect for spending time with a mate and learning about one another.

While working on projects with a partner you may see each other's flaws and incompatibilities.

The Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing intensity to what you think and what your significant other thinks too.

This can be a time of challenge and compromise, but great growth.

Love can be a great motivator to work on your relationship to make things better for you both.

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Gemini, the Sun spends the day in your creativity and romance sector.

You might be longing to do something fun and playful with your significant other, and while in Libra it's easier to come up with fresh ideas. It's a good day for experimentation.

The Sun will square Pluto in your shared resources and taboo sector.

You might be surprised that something you find harmless but your idea of fun doesn't jive with your mate, or you could discover a fetish that they have that you didn't realize you liked to do too.

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Cancer, the Sun spends the day in your home and family sector. While the Sun is in Libra, you are thoughtful and respectful of others' needs and wants.

You may try to recreate some of the good traditions that you enjoyed in your family of origin with your partner, and see nothing wrong in trying to do so.

But, the cooperation might not be there while the Sun squares Pluto. Compromises may need to be made, and change can be a good thing. Be adaptable.

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Leo, the Sun spends the day in your communication sector, and listening is a strength that comes with Leo energy.

It's a good day to cherish the pauses between sentences that happen when you're conversing with someone you love.

Relish those sweet moments where your love is confidently assured by simply being in each other's presence doing nothing special but still together.

While Pluto is in Capricorn, your wellness sector, comfort can be found when time is spent with the right person.

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Virgo, the Sun spends the day in your money sector, and when it squares Pluto in Capricorn it's time to do something spontaneous and romantic.

Why not bring or send your loved one flowers? If that's not in the budget, you can pen a short little love note and hide it beneath a pillow or in their desk drawer to be discovered later.

You can do little things that are sweet and unexpected that communicate your love and appreciation for your mate.

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Libra, the Sun spends the day in your identity sector, and while in your sign, you are magnetic and naturally attractive.

People find you alluring and charismatic, too. You have the ability to win over people and to draw an admirer.

While the Sun in your sign squares Pluto in your house of home and family, you may feel shy about your appearance.

You might not enjoy feeling all this new attention and shun away from it.

But, the truth is if you're single and looking it's a great time to see who you is interested in that you may like too.

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Scorpio, the Sun spends the day in your karma sector, and you may struggle with balancing your prior experiences with situations that you are going through now.

The past is a theme throughout Libra season. You may want to remain objective when something a person does reminds you of an X, but this can be hard. Your fears could kick in and keep you guessing.

The Moon squares your ruling planet, Pluto, which is in Capricorn right now. So, this is a great time to relearn old ways of thinking.

You can have a conversation and put your vulnerabilities on the table. You may be surprised how much better you feel when your concerns are out in the open.

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Sagittarius, the Sun spends the day in your friendship sector.

The Sun in Libra brings out your social nature and even though you love your space you like being around people, too.

If you've been keeping to a strict social distancing routine you might long to be around your friendship circle.

Even if you've been selective about who you hang out with and when you might still wish for some hang-out time with a bestie.

The Sun squares Pluto in your money sector, and this can be a tough time financially for people you love.

So, if money is a problem when it comes to meeting up for lunch, maybe plan a dinner at home and watch movies.

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Capricorn, the Sun spends the day in your social status sector, and while in Libra, you do want to be acknowledged, but a part of you doesn't.

You want to see everyone happy right now, and if that means you need to be the sacrificial lamb at times, so be it.

You may enjoy hearing positive words and encouragement from your mate, but you will be inclined to give as much as you receive.

While the Sun squares Pluto in your sign, you may feel that there's so much going on for you right now, and you may worry that it can negatively impact your love life

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Aquarius, the Sun spends the day in your personal philosophy sector, and while in Libra, you are open-minded and optimistic.

You may enjoy sharing your ideas and visions for the future with someone, even if you don't know one another too long.

You may find yourself sharing about family and your childhood and why you grew up a certain way especially while the Sun in Libra squares Pluto in your house of karma.

You will feel deeply connected with your history and background and it will be tough not to let it come up in conversation.

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Pisces, the Sun spends the day in your shared resources sector.

While the Sun is in Libra, you may be looking to repay someone for a favor that they gave or you may find that someone does something for you that you need at the right time.

It's a great day to see how life and love bring things back into balance precisely at the right moment.

This can be through a friend who comes to visit you or calls out of the blue.

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