5 Best Healing Crystals For Cancer Zodiac Sign Energy

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Certain crystals are best for Cancer zodiac signs. These beautiful and sparkly stones bring out all the shine of this sign.

Crystals are known to promote mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and healing.

Choosing the right crystal for your zodiac sign can take the energy that your body is naturally fueled with and ensure that the negative parts are released by providing positive aids.

One of the water signs, Cancers are known to have good hearts and are very intuitive.

When it comes to healing energy, people born under the Cancer Sun sign (or those born between June 22 to July 22), may find that they're prone to mood swings. Crystals that can provide emotional healing are ideal for this sign that's ruled by the moon.

When Cancer signs are happy, they will begin to flourish and thrive.

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Best crystals for Cancer zodiac energy

1. Moonstone

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Moonstone is a sodium-potassium aluminum silicate.

There are many types of moonstones such as gray, white, and blue.

This gem is known to strengthen your soul and your emotions.

It is great for mental power and motivation.

If you need motivation, get a moonstone to help give you the extra energy to push through and keep going.

2. Red Jasper

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Red Jasper is all about endurance, vibrance, and fertility.

This stone is great for physical strength, energy, and determination with a hard focus.

If you need to start fresh and re-group with the things you have going on in life, you should wear a red jasper for the energy that you might need in life.

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3. Ocean Jasper

Photo: Vassil / Wikimedia Commons

Ocean Jasper represents Cancers. Sea creatures such as crabs, the Cancer zodiac sign symbol, live in the ocean. The ocean is beautiful, calm, and you shouldn't dare to fight it because it will come back with force —much like Cancerians.

This stone is about unconditional love and the passion that love comes with.

If you have this passion for love for your family, friends and just for life in general, Cancer — this stone might be good for you to add to your jewelry box.

4. Mother of Pearl

Photo: Hannes Grobe / Wikimedia Commons

Mother of Pearl is known for clear thoughts and wisdom. Like our own mothers, the mother of pearl is known to guide you into positivity.

The mother of pearl is great for you if you are having a hard time expressing yourself in an effective and positive way.

5. Rose Quartz

Photo: Piotr Sosnowski / Wikimedia Commons

Rose quartz is about purity and love. This gem is known for unconditional love.

This is great for families and friends who love their loved ones regardless of their life or lifestyle and without any stipulations.

If you have close family and friends who often forget that you love them effortlessly.

Without question, remember to add this gem to your collection because it can remind you to let the people in your life know how much you love them.

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