Best Careers & Worst Jobs For Leo Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology

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Best Careers & Worst Jobs For All Leo Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology

Are you a Leo looking for the perfect career and want to avoid taking a terrible job that doesn't fit with your lifestyle or personality?

If your current position does not relate to your inner, sunny spirit, Leo here's a list of best careers to apply for and worst jobs, too.

What careers are best for Leo zodiac signs?

According to astrology, Leos are a fixed zodiac sign that's independent, goal-oriented and determined.

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The zodiac sign Leo, seeks challenges and is known to lead with confidence. This sign is outgoing and will always keep you busy and on your toes.

Their inner strength is what makes them an ideal candidate for any workplace. Leos have the ability to work in a variety of environments due to their upbeat and fun personalities.

They have charisma and an optimistic spirit that makes people drawn to them. Leos are extremely detailed and observant which makes them reliable for any job position they acquire.

What jobs are worst for Leo zodiac signs, according to astrology?

Some of the best employees are the ones who are dedicated, focused and have a will to succeed, which is why a job that has no growth potential isn't ideal for Leo.

Finding a career that fits you and your personality will make your experience at work pleasant. Leos want nothing but success in anything that they do which will make them an ideal employee.

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Leos are natural-born leaders and they will take control over any position that is given to them which makes them excellent candidates for supervisor and management roles.

Leos are enthusiastic, generous, confident and ambitious. With all of these traits, they will add an energetic spirit to any workplace. Leo strives to be the boss and will be great at it if given the opportunity presents itself.

Find out what career path would be ideal for you as Leo and which career path will drive you away running.

Here's a list of best careers and worst jobs for people born with a Leo zodiac sign, according to astrology:

Best careers for Leo zodiac signs: CEO

Leos will do what it takes to be the boss. Chief Executive Officer role would be an ideal position for Leos. The ability to make decisions and lead a company or organization will be perfect for their need to control situations.

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Best careers for Leo zodiac signs: Director

This fire sign is filled with intensity and the will to lead. Leos are leaders who are bold enough to ask for what they want and if you don’t comply, let’s just say they will get their way.

Giving orders and directions is their specialty. A director will be a perfect position for Leos.

Best careers for Leo zodiac signs: Actor

The center of attention is something that Leos become naturally even when they don’t seek it. They have a light within them that makes people want to be near them.

Their way of going with the floor and never overthinking can be excellent traits for an actor position. They love to entertain and keep others in good spirits. Leos would rock this role.

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Best careers for Leo zodiac signs: Architect

Leos are creative and excellent at communicating. They are great at problem-solving and they will excel if you allow them to get their creative juices flowing.

This would be the perfect position for a Leo who loves to let their creative juices flow.

Best careers for Leo zodiac signs: Writer

Leos love to control their own narrative and future. They enjoy expressing themselves in a creative light.

Writing gives them the ability to control their own words while also applying the guidelines it takes to be a writer.

They love the idea of creating something out of nothing and the ability to show their work publicly for others to see is right up their alley.

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Here are the worst jobs for Leo zodiac signs to choose as a career:

Worst jobs for Leo zodiac signs: Hotel Housekeeper

This position requires a manager that is required to double-check your work to ensure guest rooms are in perfect condition.

Leos do not like to be checked on and they do not do well with authority because they have the need to be in an authoritative role.

As a Leo and former housekeeper for the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, I know that this role would only be good for a temporary position, not long term.

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Worst jobs for Leo zodiac signs: Retail Worker

The idea of serving an individual who wants to save money and avoid current fashion trends is overwhelming for a Leo who is always dressed to impress.

Leos do not want to please customers who don't like to buy the best. A Leo has a need to be the center of the spotlight themselves, and they would rather be the one shopping.

Giving the customer undivided attention, especially if the consumer isn't into fashion or the top trends is unrealistic to the lifestyle of this fire sign.

Worst jobs for Leo zodiac signs: Teacher

Leos loves children and their innocence but the idea of caring for them can be a bit much. Leos love to be in control and of course with kids, that’s not always the case.

Leos are energetic which will be great for a teaching position but Leos will realize how much attention the children need and back away. Leos are controlling and attention seekers who will do anything to get what they want.

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Worst jobs for Leo zodiac signs: Doctor

Leos enjoy taking care of others but if their patient does not agree to their recommendations then Leos will be upset. They will love saving their lives and helping their patients.

However, if they tell their patients to eat healthier or to take their medicine and the patient ignores it, Leos will consume themselves on how to persuade them which can easily take their mind off of the job itself.

Worst jobs for Leo zodiac signs: Secretary

Anything that does not help Leos apply their mind is not a great thing. Leos have a need to express themselves and they do not work well with being told what to do.

They have to apply themselves in all that they do to feel the need to achieve accomplishments and with this position, they will easily get bored.

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