15 Best Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Lets get some ink, Virgos.

Last updated on Oct 04, 2022

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Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself. You can get anything in the universe in any spot on your body (if you're brave enough!).

Whether you are thinking about getting a tattoo, definitely want one, or just like admiring them, the designs are always fun and interesting to see — especially if you are a Virgo!

Virgo is the best zodiac sign in the world, which is scientifically proven by me (mainly because I'm a biased Virgo). But seriously, there are some amazing Virgo zodiac tattoo designs out there. 


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There's just something about astrology that brings out a magical element in designs. The stars and space just seem like such a faraway place. Relating our personalities to certain constellations or planet placements can seem out there. But that's the beauty of it! It's supposed to seem out there, full of magic and wonder. 


You can probably imagine that those out-of-this-world designs would look fantastic as tattoos, and there are so many different symbols you can get that show off your Virgo pride.

For example, you can utilize the Virgo glyph in your tattoo design or get some artwork symbolizing the Virgo maiden or its zodiac constellation.

Tattoos come in all different shapes and sizes. Small, big, flashy, simple, chic, loud, bold, bright. Whatever kind of design your imagination can come up with is perfect because it's solely for you. You can be inspired by a tattoo image and then make any changes or alterations to make it unique to you.

So if you're lucky enough to be a Virgo and are thinking about possibly getting a tattoo then look no further! We have got some amazing images to inspire your new ink!


15 best Virgo tattoo ideas

1. Virgo glyph and constellation

virgo tattoo ideaPhoto: Abstral Official / Unsplash

2. Virgo woman

3. Delicate Virgo glyph and flowers

4. Virgo constellation

5. Minimalistic Virgo glyph

6. Virgo chalice

7. Watercolor Virgo glyph

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8. Virgo maiden in the moon

9. Virgo woman and ruling planet Mercury

10. Detailed Virgo maiden

11. Virgo woman and floral constellation

12. Virgo linework rose

13. Intricate Virgo arm piece

14. Earth sign symbol

15. Feminine Virgo constellation

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